3 Bitcoin Predictions for This Week, Third One Will Shock You


    Bitcoin is closely looking at $12000, may touch $12K anytime soon

    Bitcoiners expect a $13000 target before a major breakout to reach $15000 this week.

    Crypto Investors are dumping altcoins for BTC

3 Bitcoin Predictions – $12K, $13K and $24K 

The largest digital asset managed to cross the $12000 mark in the early hours of Monday but slipped quietly. However, it will not take more time to enter $12000 yet again, as, at the press time, one Bitcoin is trading at $11978. 

Many predictions pour in for the digital asset, that says Bitcoin would reach $13000 today, $15000 by this week, and $24000 very soon. However, the present bull run replicates the 2017 bull run. A famous crypto analyst Lark Davis has said that the 2020-21 bull run would be more insane than the previous 2017-18.

The breakout in the mid-July gave Bitcoin a boost which made it possible for the digital asset to maintain above $11500. Continuing the present trend, BTC could possibly reach $15000 by this week as per some analysts. 

Bitcoin Hitting $13K is Trending 

The reports of Bitcoin touching $13000 has outspread in the crypto space. However, some crypto enthusiasts feel when the CME ( Chicago Mercantile Exchange) gap is filled, the digital asset could move well ahead of $12500.  

However, the majority of the masses anticipate that the $13000 mark would be reached by next week, and if it attains in the present week, it would rather be a fake bull run which is expected to bounce back below $11500.

The latest market trend suggests the Bitcoin whale all set capture the market with many traders again tending back to BTC. As per some reports, the traders going through a FOMO, are dumping altcoins suffering losses of 8-10 percent. 

As per crypto influencer Lark Davis, currently, Bitcoin has moved up with a change of 2 percent and the investors are dumping altcoins. 

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Regardless of the losses, the traders are attracted to the bullish trend of BTC and also the huge prediction for the digital assets underway. Therefore, the FOMO factor is playing a major role.

BTC is likely moving towards a major bull run and hence, the same 2017 trend is speculated. If the same trend continues, BTC could possibly reach or even manage to cross the previous all-time high.

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