All about the $1,200 Stimulus Paycheck


For the first time in history Presidents, names will be printed on a stimulus check

Americans who will receive their most awaited stimulus checks to mitigate the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic will notice the sign “ President Donald J. Trump” at the bottom of the check. 

The Federal Government is distributing funds to millions of Americas under the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package signed by President Trump. About $1200 via bank deposits and Paper Checks will be provided to the Americans as backup funds for balance the lives over pandemic hit. 

According to the statements of the treasury department, millions have received the cash into bank account via direct deposit last Friday Inline with the same 50 million to 70 million citizens have received he checks by the 15th of April. The rest of the people will receive who weren’t able to register IRS with their bank details will receive the paper checks that can take a little longer. 

To read more about the Distribution and To receive cash earlier, you can submit your payment info with IRS portal 

The Autograph

Followed by this distribution, President Trump announced to have his Autograogh(Nit actual Signature ) on every Stimulus check with the approval of the treasury department. The Department clearly announced that the printing of this Signature in checks will not affect the delivery time. 

A Spokeswoman for treasury appreciated the Treasury and IRS officials and said  ” have worked around the clock to get fast and direct economic assistance to hardworking Americans” the major achievement into this is the “ quick turnaround” 


The Initial statements were different, as per a Washington post who first reported the news claims that the IRS officials believe that this may slow down the process. There were already concerns about the outdated printing techniques that can effectively slow down the printing as of any last-minute requests like this. 

When Asked about this signature Trump Replied 

It isn’t a “ Big Deals “ and “I’m sure people will be very happy to get a big, fat beautiful check,” 

Michael Zona the Grassley’s spokesman shared his perspective by saying this Idea isn’t any unusual act by a president they referred to President Bush’s names in recovery checks in 2001 and 2008 economic crisis. Also, – But Check itself did not include Bush’s name, the memo line did. 

The Buzz of Signature  

The Signature thing has created an Intense disturbance among some oppositions and many of them have expressed their thoughts on Twitter. 

“Thousands of families are running out of money as they lose their jobs. Days and hours matter. But Trump comes first,” The US Senator Chris Murphy, Connecticut responded to the post. “So Trump is delaying the stimulus checks so his signature can be printed on each one. Him first. You second. Always.”

According to the latest tweet of the Bitcoin Maximalist Jimmy Song, the stimulus Cheques issued by the US government at this crucial time of pandemic can be a “payday loan “. After the government and US federation finish stacking up trillions to the economy the prices of everything will increase.

 People who receive the stimulus Cheques require more of it as their needs cannot be fulfilled. Song also says “ Bitcoin is the only honest type of money “  which is a truth when it comes to money frauds and security breaches. People all over the world are agreeing to this and are sharing similar views.

“ Ordinary people will eventually bailout of the US Fed,” said Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “rich dad, poor dad”. He also shares that he doesn’t believe in man-made Money and prefers investing in golds and silvers.

Stay Connect for more News on the Fed funds distributions and Economical development to fight the coronavirus outbreak. 

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