100% of Binance’s Listing Fees Will Now go to Charity

Binance will now donate 100 percent of the listing fees towards charity. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance revealed their plan to work on a charity transparent initiative.

Binance Will Not Dictate the Minimum Listing Fee

Binance has been leading by example and has become a role model for new cryptocurrency exchanges to look up to. And today it took their charity to a new level by updating their listing fee policy. A tweet from the official Binance account goes,

Starting immediately, and going forward, Binance will make all listing fees transparent and donate 100% of them to charity.

The article published in support of this charity says that project teams will still propose the number for the listing fee or more appropriately ‘donation’, but Binance will not dictate the number nor a minimum listing fee.

Details regarding this matter are not available as of now but will get updates shortly by the team. The already listed but pending review coins can still update their application with an appropriate number. If only they choose to. However, Binance hopes this initiative will push the use of blockchain for good. 

More details on this charity can be found at “Blockchain Charity Foundation” and in-depth information and tips on a listing can be found on CZ’s Linkedin pageOn September 22, 2018, Binance set up a charity towards solving UN sustainability goals, headed by Helen Hai. It is the first exchange in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to start a charity.

Recently Binance announced its plans to go worldwide by launching fiat-to-crypto exchange platforms in almost all continents. It has been busy by hiring talents from all around the globe, 300 people to be specific and from 39 different countries. CFO, Wei Zhou corroborated the hiring spree of the CEO by saying,

Our goal right now is to continue growing the ecosystem for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The next area of growth, in addition to the crypto-exchange, is the move into fiat.

During its rapid growth, Binance has seen an addition of 148 tokens over the last 12 months and has 381 trading pairs. PAX is the latest stablecoin that lists on the exchange. And now, getting your coins on Binance listing is harder than getting accept in Harvard.

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