World’s First Bitcoin Mining TV Set from Canaan Creative (AvalonMiner Inside)

Yes!!! Now a TV can easily mine bitcoin while watching your favorite shows and movies. Canaan creative has lunched bitcoin mining TV set with a built-in btc mining chip.


Canaan Creative, the world’s second largest bitcoin mining rigs have introduced a TV set  ‘AvalonMiner Inside’ that mines bitcoin. The 43 inches TV will use A3210 16nm ASIC chips which hold a hash rate of 2.8 trillion hash that features more than 8 million pixels. However, it completes with an Android compatibility where users can control it via their Smartphones.


Additionally, the newly launched device has processing power of 2.8 trilllion hashes per second. Comparatively, Canaan’s powerful device can process 11 trillion hashes per second. Also, the TV has Artificial Intelligence and can be managed over voice commands as well as the real time calculation of mining profitabilities.

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Moreover, the announcement comes after the Canaan submitted application for IPO offering in Hong Kong in May which is expected to raise $1 billion. Canaan creative was initiated in 2013 which is known for mass-producing chips designed for bitcoin mining. The Bitmain Technologies Beijing that competes with Canaan in supplying hardware for bitcoin mining.

According to the company;

“The creation of AvalonMiner Inside is to enable more home appliances and at the same time build a user base for the next era of blockchain and AI. Canaan will mainly distribute to businesses that will in turn sell to customers. And there are plans to introduce a range of blockchain-related home appliances”.

In 2017, the company acquired 1.3 billion Yuan in revenue i.e.; 27 fold increase compare to previous year. Likewise, in 2017 the company has 361 million Yuan profit up with 230 from since 2015. Altogether, Canaan sold three times more from last year i.e. 300,000 Avalon mining machines.

Beijing-based bitcoin analyst, Xiao Lei said;

“It looks more like hype. It will be more meaningful if these companies are able to embed the mining function into existing major TV brands”.

In addition, other crypto announcements such as John McAfee declared that his ultimate private smart phone: Cloak Phone’s application accesses are now available. Also, HTC is planning to release the world’s first native blockchain “HTC Exodus “smartphone later in this year. The creator of Litecoin has also been declared as an adviser for the “Exodus” blockchain phone development.

Image Source: Canaan Creative

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