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Coinpedia has been designing unique and custom logos for the past five years which has led to a growing client base.


Create a logo to showcase your unique brand

Your logo design is central to the identity of your company. The first thing clients will see when they are introduced to a new brand or organisation is a business logo, so it is crucial that you first and foremost develop a logo.

Like photos, logos are worth a thousand words. A well-crafted logo helps your audience to understand what business you are in, what products or services you provide, what makes your organisation special, and offers an insight into the personality of your brand. In the world of business, everything is about first impressions.

The goal of a great logo design is to give your company an advantage over your rivals and create confidence with your clients. A logo should be unforgettable, plain, and special to accomplish both. To help you design the ideal logo that meets all of these requirements, we are here to make things done.

Why partner with Coinpedia for using logo designing services?

Several Iterations

Several Iterations

At Coinpedia, we believe in offering lots of choices to our customers. You will get several variations of your free logo, each associated with your personal tastes and in tune with the personality of your company. Choose the one that resonates with you most.

Options for Customization

Options for Customization

You can change the colour, text, font and other design elements with our logo creator to get the final design of your business logo just right.

Resize for Social Profiles

Resize for Social Profiles

We provide you with different iterations of your logo that are resized so you can use it on all your social media platforms. No need for some other resizing tool to be used. Branding social media is a breeze with Coinpedia.

Design Studio

Design Studio

When you open an account at Coinpedia, you also get access to an entire design studio where you can create a logo of branded assets.


Digital Asset Management

All your templates and templates are stored at no extra charge in your account, allowing you to easily access and retrieve all your brand properties from a central location.

Your Complete Logo Designer

  • We aim in generating professional looking logos for your website, business cards or correspondence in minutes.
  • With just a few clicks, our user-friendly team will help you design the perfect logo for your company, sports club, organisation, etc.
  • Only select a template from a variety of choices, your logo is edited until you are completely satisfied, and a professional logo is created.
  • We believe your branding is enhanced by a professional logo and will give you an advantage over your competitors.

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