Why A Crypto Lady Should Be Your Girlfriend?

If you want to meet girls online, but they have to be smart and successful, then you need to look for a crypto lady. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you may have noticed that most spheres of influence in this industry belong to men. However, you shouldn’t think that women don’t work in this direction and don’t lead projects that change it radically. In this article, we will learn about who they are – the women, engaged in cryptocurrency.

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1.Elizabeth Stark

The first woman we talk about is Elizabeth Stark. She is a co-founder and a CEO of Lightning Labs – the very project that proposed a unique way to scale the Bitcoin blockchain – Lightning Network. In addition, Stark is in the organization Coin Center, which is engaged in the protection of cryptocurrency projects and calls for a reasonable settlement of the industry. However, on this track record, Elizabeth is far from over. Previously, she was a consultant for the famous project, which develops autopilots for cars and also advised many other lesser-known startups.

2.Yu Fang

This woman is a founder of BITKAN – a platform for crypto investors and traders that can boast the largest number of Bitcoin users in China. In this field, she is known as an active supporter of the development of a cryptocurrency community. Yu Fang often organizes events and conferences that bring together participants of a crypto community on a single platform.


She is a blockchain engineer, previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Andreessen Horowitz. The woman is a founder and CEO of Schelling – a blockchain startup that is still under development. Kasireddy was an engineer on several blockchain projects and also worked as a software engineer at Coinbase.


The woman is a managing director of the Digital Currency Group, which invests in more than a hundred bitcoin and blockchain startups. She is a member of the blockchain board of the World Economic Forum in Davos. She is also a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oxford University.

5.Marie-Antoinette Tiсhler

A serial entrepreneur, a community lawyer, and a social technologist Marie-Antoinette Tichleris the next woman who is quite famous in this field. She dedicated her life to educating people about digital technology and how they are changing the present and the future. Now Tiсhler is a founder and a CEO of C2Legacy. When creating this project, Marie Antoinette used her experience in teaching young people with insufficient technical knowledge.

6.Toni Lane Casserly

She is truly one of the most recognizable and outstanding women in the cryptocurrency industry. This woman is a co-founder of the most famous crypto-media Cointelegraph, about which everyone who had a little interest in this area heard. She is also familiar to many as a blockchain expert, an outstanding speaker and an adviser to a number of well-known projects, such as Tether or AidCoin.

7.Kathleen Breitman

And now let’s talk about Kathleen Breitman. This woman has deep knowledge of blockchain technology. In 2014, she and her husband, Arthur Breitman, released the official documentation of the famous Tezos project. The official launch took place in 2016, after which they received large-scale support from major investors, such as Tim Draper. Numerous achievements have made Kathleen one of the most significant women in the crypto space. Today, she is a CEO of Tezos – a blockchain-based platform for smart contracts that doesn’t require hard work for the implementation of updates.

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