Top Crypto Picks 2023: An Overview of Bitcoin, Cardano, And BudBlockz

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    There are a lot of cryptocurrencies with a large token supply in the marketplace. As the cryptocurrency market rewards investors engaging with strong projects early on with incredible gains, traders are constantly searching for the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

    Buying even a small amount of crypto can help you reap large rewards if you can get them at the right time and make the appropriate choice. However, it is not an easy thing to do since there are risks involved. You need to consider the options available to you before choosing a cryptocurrency for investment. So, we are going to list the top crypto picks for 2023. 

    1. Bitcoin 

    Bitcoin is the granddaddy as it is the first cryptocurrency to have recorded financial transactions on a decentralized blockchain platform. Even though it was launched a decade ago, BTC is still the top choice for new and veteran investors. The primary aim of Bitcoin was to revolutionize conventional financial systems and get rid of the requirement of government-issued currencies by using secure payment architecture and innovative technology. 

    People began buying Bitcoins due to their promising future. The best thing about buying Bitcoin is that it makes the owner feel that they are taking part in the future. Even though Bitcoin went through many ups and downs in the last few years, it skyrocketed up to almost $30,000 in Dec 2020 and a few months later, it went above $68,000 in April 2021. 

    Since then, its pricing has become largely stable. So, it is one of the safest investment options for anyone entering the cryptocurrency space for the first time. 

    1. Cardano

    It is a third-generation cryptocurrency, which aims to improve on Bitcoin’s scaling issues and Ethereum’s smart contract deployment principles. Following an update to Cardano’s network in September 2021, the total number of Cardano-based smart contracts has seen significant growth that can help it compete with Ethereum. 

    2023 could be the year that traders have been waiting for and they have been buying ADA in anticipation. Apart from a smart contract, Cardano has also launched other features, like token creation. 

    Furthermore, Cardano performed strongly in 2021 gaining more than 720% at the beginning of the year. In fact, at a certain point, it became the largest cryptocurrency as per the market cap. 

    A smart contract can make or break cryptocurrency. But it is one of the things that you have to see to believe as many other cryptos are making similar statements. 

    1. BudBlockz

    There is a ton of hullabaloo surrounding BudBlockz, mainly due to its cannabis-centric concept. BudBlockz has been developed with a revolutionary idea. It is the first decentralized online e-commerce for global marijuana industries. The cryptocurrency has primarily been created to promote the use of medical cannabis in the crypto world. 

    It offers cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to do business safely and securely. It aims to establish a fairly-traded and open environment for experienced and new enthusiasts for accessing the global market with privacy and decentralization. It creates a 24/7 marketplace that operates legally. 

    BLUNT can be used as an exchange between cannabis corporations and individuals. It is a platform based on blockchain technology for facilitating encrypted peer-to-peer purchasing. BLUNT regulates the community to facilitate transparent and fair cannabis trading for all. 

    BudBlockz plans to push the cannabis industry through innovative development. Like other cryptos, BudBlockz has an NFT within the decentralized marketplace. The NFT operates with robust security and complete transparency. 

    BudBlockz has also developed play-to-earn arcade games with cannabis themes, rewarding players with BLUNT tokens. 

    BLUNT has also built a robust community of loyal supporters. Several cryptocurrency analysts have predicted a significant price rise for the token in 2023. Investors can easily get large volumes of BLUNT as it is being offered at a low price in its presale period. So, early token holders can expect a moon rally in the year to come. Since it is based on the cannabis industry, it will only scale as more countries legalize cannabis use. 

    Bottom Line

    2023 appears to be an incredible year to make smart investments in crypto. Bitcoin, Cardano, and BudBlockz present different concepts and are built on different ideas. All have bullish forecasts for the coming year. One thing is for certain, interest in NFT and Metaverse coins is changing the present markets.  But we have to wait to find out which crypto is going to bring real value to the investors out there. 

    Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:
    Official Website: 
    Presale Registration::  
    All BudBlockz Links:

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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