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The initial coin offering is similar in certain ways to an initial public offering. In an ICO a company sells a number of cryptocurrency tokens to the investors.

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Every ICO has a different set of protocols, but typically there’s a time limit for the sale and a fixed number of maximum tokens that will be sold. The sale is accomplished when those limits are reached, and the owners can use their cryptocurrency tokens for further consideration.

The established brands and startups are raising their capital by selling digital token. Initial days, ICO is launched in two months. In 2017, 2 or 3 ICOs launches each week, and maintaining a track of them is becoming an issue.

This is the reason where ICO tracking websites exist. They are the platform established for you want to know which token sale is upcoming, ongoing or ended. Some of the tracking websites also list detailed information about risk and investment potential.

The following comprehensive details are enough to assist any investor to stay up to date with trends in the space.

Coindesk ICO Tracker

Coindesk is a leading website portal covering blockchain, cryptos, and other related articles. It is a comprehensive resource for journalists, analysts, investors, and entrepreneurs. The coindesk database is framed to help you track and analyze the blockchain token sale and ICO movement as it grows and expands.

ICO Tracker

The ICO Tracker website is dedicatedly famous for sharing relative information on upcoming, open and ended sales. ICO owners add their project to a listing queue on the website before curators include it as upcoming or open. By donating Bitcoins to a special wallet, anybody can help a project to place at the top of the queue.

The website displays users the name of the person who requested a listing, social media channel links, links to its white paper lists, and an escrow service used in the project.


TokenMarket provides services ranging from token creation to hosting. The official website manages a list of different ICOs from around the global. Owners are required to express the absolute description of the project and information about its founder to add the sale to the list. Each application is screened manually by the team of TokenMarket.

The official website provides a general overview of the project, links to its respective website, white paper and social media channels.


Coinschedule gives you a complete list of token sales that are upcoming or ongoing. Closed ICO will no longer appear on the list when it is expired. To list a token sale the website charges a fee of 0.1 BTC to prevent spam.

The ICO is categorized according to an industry which is the unique feature of Coinschedule compare to other ICO portals.


Crypto market data from exchanges are displayed by the CryptoCompare and includes real-time prices, charts, and analysis. Hence, it is not a dedicated website for tracking ICOs, but it includes a page where the user can obtain information on upcoming, ongoing, and closed funding campaigns.

The official website also helps users to monitor their crypto investment portfolios, including token investments.

Cyber Fund

Cyber Fund contains a category for upcoming and ongoing ICOs. On the completion of the sale, its asset is adding to the market analysis section.

The founder must submit an official application in order to list an ICO or an asset which includes following six criteria:

  1. A project name
  2. A headline
  3. A logo
  4. A website
  5. A white paper or a proof-of-concept code on GitHub, and
  6. The function of the token

ICO Countdown

ICO Countdown lists only ongoing and upcoming ICOs, displayed with red timers to indicate the crowdfunding is about to close and blue timers to indicate a token sale is about to open. By clicking on representing image user can have access to information about the project listed on its official website.

ICO- List

This platform displays upcoming, ongoing and ended ICOs. ICO-List educates the users by showing the funding amount targeted and how much the project finally raised.

ICO-List needs a comprehensive application that provides detail such as the name of the project, website and an introduction.


Blog that posts commentary on several news ICOs.


This platform provides services for launching ICOs.

ICO Rating

The Platform is specialized in determining companies that are planning an ICO.

Above listed websites acknowledge user regarding the new ICO in the real-time market. However, it also specifies the status of the token with their issuing and end date. It educates investors by listing upcoming, ongoing, and finished ICOs based on its predetermining module.

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