Ruby Play Network Announces Tokenomics For $RUBY Including 0% Tax

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Ruby Play Network has released details of $RUBY tokenomics ahead of the late February listing. The blockchain-based rewards platform published stages of its fundraising rounds, details of token allocation, vesting periods and tokenomics of native token – $RUBY.

    Of all the details, zero taxes are amongst the standouts. The zero tax enables the free flow of the $RUBY utility token to power the entire Ruby Play Network ecosystem.

    The supply and tokenization share is laid out in detail, with vesting periods as per each round. $RUBY will have a limited 9 billion total supply with 40% going to the locked treasury designated for adoption mining.

    This RPN news comes in the midst of an AMA tour the team has been engaged in all month, with the finalities on numbers now published in writing.

    Lock periods and significant linear vesting

    The detailed tokenomics give specifics such as team lock periods, with monthly linear vesting periods of 5 years.

    The work being performed behind the scenes has been constant and one of the RPN strong-suits has been alliances and partnerships.

    Strategic partnerships are on a similar monthly linear vesting schedule, for a significant length of time – at 4 years.

    Community bonuses and rewards are vested initially for 4 years also. The live and locked treasury system is designed to keep a balance for rewards and bonuses, with extras in the live treasury after each month go into the locked treasury.

    The strategic feature helps the ecosystem continue to reward and send out bonuses, keeping with the fundamentals of the adoption mining approach.

    Updates on the listing and Ruby Play List?

    The Ruby Play IDO will go live on February 28. $RUBY tokenomics also disclose the $.01 listing price for the .05% tokens allocated to the IDO.

    Two completed private rounds raised over $4.7 million. That and seed investments have helped drive the continuous platform development and expansion prior to token release.

    Network development has been ongoing, strategic partners having been announced, and other RPN news and promotions.

    The Ruby Play List has been amongst recent RPN news. The Ruby PlayList originally had 1,000 spots to be randomly awarded to individuals seeking a chance to purchase $RUBY early at a percentage lower than listing price at token offering.

    With only one week gone by of the 4-week schedule of contests and giveaways, less than half of the original 1,000 spots remain. The Ruby PlayList will remain open until February 21st or as long as spots are available.

    What about marketing?

    $RUBY tokenomics is the latest news to surface about the Ruby Play Network. The RPN telegram group has seen significant engagement as the project readies for public offering on

    The partnerships formed by Ruby Play Network have positioned the crypto gaming platform strategically. One of those strategic partners and investors is crypto marketing agency – Coinpresso.

    The cryptocurrency marketing firm Рone of the industry’s best Рhas implemented a strategic marketing plan that has fared well for the Ruby Play Network.

    The reception of the gaming platform has been aided by the clear, concise articulation of information that communicates the true value proposition inherent in the Ruby Play Network ecosystem.

    The marketing strategy formed the basis and structure of the AMA tour, currently bringing RPN to circles of serious investors seeking cryptocurrency projects with transparent legal and business infrastructure.

    Next steps and key takeaways

    Publishing the tokenomics weeks ahead of the public offering offers further transparency by the Ruby Play Network and zero tax, limited supply – $RUBY.

    The release of these details are also further substantiated by a passed TechRate audit, with Certik soon-to-follow.

    RPN has made a habit of keeping players and investors well-informed. Strawberry Sweeps was recently announced as the latest gaming partner, something Ruby Play has been intentional about developing – partnerships with like-minded game developers for rewarding offerings in $RUBY and other player prizes.

    The next few weeks are occupied with more AMAs, Ruby Play List giveaways and contests, leading up to the IDO. RPN live games like P2E – Spin 2 Win, are already operational and paying out $RUBY and other rewarding prizes on the Ruby Play Network website. RPN proceeds forward with fully-disclosed tokenomics, and the recent release of particulars into the Binance Accelerator

    Fund and their investment into the crypto gaming platform. Transparency and authenticity have been traits put forth with every development that has come from the team disrupting traditional gaming with the Ruby Play Network blockchain-based rewards platform.

    Frequent news and information is expected over the coming weeks in the lead-up to IEO.




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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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