Philter Labs Raises $1 Million in Additional Funding


Philter Labs in a bid to reduce the prejudice smokers face as well as protect the health of non-smokers has launched an effective and portable smoking filter.


The filter, according to reports, is known to eliminate most secondary cigarette smokes and vapours. Secondhand smoke has over time been proven to be more harmful than inhaled smoke. Putting non-smokers at higher risk of smoking-related illnesses. This is what Philter Labs is looking to address with the invention of its portable smoke filter.

The company on April 1, 2020, announced the addition of $1 million in its funding round from a private firm with huge investments in the cannabis industry. This new investment brings the total funding round to a whopping $3 million. It raised the previous $2 million in a round led by Bravos Capital and Explorer Equity Group.

Speaking on the goal of the company, Christos Nicolaidis, CEO of Philter Labs pointed out that the company aims to protect the environment. Keeping the air clean especially for non-smokers, while ensuring smokers retain their liberty to smoke.

In his own words, “PHILTER’s mission is to empower responsible adults with the choice to keep the air clean for those around them by filtering their emissions while still protecting a person’s right to vape”. He further added that recent funding will make it possible for continued research on the tech. Adding that the tech will eradicate to a large extent secondhand smoke, while also facilitating the shift to a world with “cleaner air and a better environment.”

Modus Operandi

The product is quite simple to use. Users simply need to ensure they exhale through the filter. The filter is built to pick through all the particles exhales, storing harmful substances while leaving very little and relatively harmless stuff to exit the filter. In actual fact, most of the vapor clouds disappear into the filter.

The company currently has two types of filters.

  • The Philip ($30) and,
  • The Pocket ($15).

These two products are basically the same. The difference is how they are used. For Philip, the filter is fitted alongside a vape pen. So a user will have to inhale from one end and exhale from the other. Although it doesn’t completely eliminate the vapor and odor, there’s, however, a significant reduction in what is blown out. 

The company said that each filter may last for approximately 200 exhales before it has to be thrown out. As it is essentially a passive product.

The company recently filed about six different patents. Only three have, however, been agree to go to the market.

Speaking on the invention, CTO and co-founder John Grimm, pointed out that Philter Labs is looking to stimulate a positive change in already defined habits especially with regard to smoking. Adding that,

“we want to reduce emissions, not only to society but to the environment, and change smoking and vaping.”

For Grimm, this invention also goes beyond protecting the environment. It is also about radically changing the narrative when it comes to smoking and vaping. That is, curtailing the stigma linked with smoking in today’s society.

The filtering process involves the breaking down of smoke emissions to molecular levels using a five-stage filtration process. The technology, according to the company, captures and breaks down smoke particulates, pollutants and VOCs. Subsequently resulting in cleaner air exiting the filter.

Though Philter Labs own a patent for its product, there are however quite similar already existing products on the market. Like the Smoke Buddy which is not only effective but portable and pocketable.

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