Top New Blockchain Industry Launchpads To Watch 2022

Author: Sara K

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Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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Launchpads are a crucial addition to the blockchain and crypto space.

These services go much further than helping developers raise capital, as they often include other forms of support as well.

New launchpads are popping up all over the industry, with various projects worth looking into. 

New Launchpads Are Essential

There are many exciting ideas to explore in the crypto and blockchain space. However, these ideas will require funding and other forms of incubator-style support, including marketing, development, legal, etc.

Launchpads can fill all those needs across the various blockchain ecosystems on the market today.

Thankfully, new platforms have popped up across the board lately, paving the way for the next era of development and exploration.

Projects going through these launchpads are often better positioned to captivate an audience.

Moreover, the teams can get the necessary guidance before and after raising funds to achieve their goals.

Fueling the next generation of blockchain projects needs to happen from within the industry, rather than relying on VCs and investors. 

New Launchpads To Keep An Eye On

As teams put together launchpad solutions for individual ecosystems, there are many projects to watch.

Below are some of the more prominent offerings capable of making a long-term impact. 

SolRazr (Solana)

The SolRazr platform is an exciting addition to the Solana blockchain, an ecosystem that has noted tremendous growth in the past year.

SolRazr serves as Solana’s first decentralized developer ecosystem and helps teams raise capital and build fast.

In addition, the platform is home to various Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) spanning crucial segments of the current and future blockchain ecosystem, including gaming, Web3, metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, etc. 

What makes SolRazr exciting are its tradeable allocations – through NFT technology -, the accelerator program for incubation, developer tools, and cross-chain pools built on Solana wormhole to allow for cross-chain investment opportunities.

Moreover, the project has various prominent partners and angel investors, including Moninstar Ventures, Moonrok Capital, Frax’s Sam Kazemian, and others. 

Lattice Launchpad (Hypergraph)

The Lattice launchpad, founded under the Lattice Exchange banner, is a decentralized finance platform linking blockchain networks to facilitate cross-chain value exchange.

The launchpad will facilitate current and future developments on the Hypergraph secure communications protocol. Moreover, it supports token projects based on alternative networks, creating tremendous opportunities. 

Lattice was born out of the Constellation Network, whose infrastructure is also used by the US Military.

Lattice launched its first successful IDO with Alkimi a couple of months ago. Several more tokens are rumored to be coming soon, such as the music platform Geojam and retail analytics solution Dor, as both have recently integrated with Constellation Network. 

Maiar Launchpad (Elrond)

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with Maiar, a project powered by Elrond technology. The Maiar Launchpad will offer a strategic opportunity for projects with a high chance of making a long-term impact using Elrond’s technology stack.

As Elrond can scale on the same level as the internet, it provides numerous opportunities for developers to explore. 

Moreover, Maiar Launchpad prioritizes backing teams with determination while tackling hard problems capable of making a global impact.

Through the launchpad, teams can raise funds, grow their communities, and improve the world through decentralized technology. 


The VLaunch project has generated a lot of buzz in the industry over the past few months. Rather than being launched by VCs, whales, or other renowned investors, it is an influencer-driven venture.

The creators are CryptoMo and MMCrypto, who Crypto lark, The Moon Carl joined, and Altcoin Daily to provide the necessary funding for this project.

While the project remains largely under wraps, the Telegram community has exploded to over 80,000 members.

From what we can gather, VLaunch will be a Metaverse-focused endeavor. Moreover, it will have multichain support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon, with more to follow.

Some people may draw parallels to SuperStarter, a different influencer-created launchpad.

It is a sign that influencers are taking the evolution of blockchain development more seriously and want to facilitate the next generation of applications, products, and services. 

Closing Thoughts

As more launchpad-oriented solutions come to market, it will become easier for developers to find the support they need.

There is more to building new projects than just the financial aspect, although one cannot ignore that either. The projects above all tackle this concept slightly differently and for various blockchains, which is an important first step.

Moreover, the cross-chain approach of some projects will prove crucial. Both cross-chain fundraising and development will pave the way for the next generation of projects. 

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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