Midas Investments Strikes A Balance With “CeDeFi”

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    Jul 6, 2022


    Midas Investments, an innovative crypto staking and investment platform, features built-in, automated tools and techniques that eliminate the need for investors to understand the nuances of the unpredictable decentralized financial marketplace. 

    Traditional CeFi has typically encompassed centralized financing methods like crypto lending, which has been utilized to create passive yields for investors since 2016. CeFi differs from DeFi in that security protocols surrounding CeFi platforms are stringent, investor activity is carefully monitored by KYC/AML, and human engagement is important to network processes, as established on early platforms like

    Midas Combines CeFi and DeFi to Provide Unique Investing Opportunities

    By fusing CeFi and DeFi and optimizing investment strategies through a CeDeFi framework, Midas.Investments offers fresh and unique investment opportunities to its investors. Midas’ team of specialists operates similar to a centralized organization, but it blends this structure with algorithmic and DeFi investment strategies to provide investors with hybrid yield techniques. 

    Decentralized finance is fast-evolving, and industry participants are now realizing that CeFi with a splash of DeFi may provide synergistic benefits to investors. As “Bitcoin” and “crypto” become increasingly familiar terms among ordinary investors, a substantial number of traditional finance and banking organizations are looking to connect CeFi and DeFi initiatives. 

    How Does Midas Protect Investor Assets?

    Security is a major consideration for both corporations and individuals, and it has a significant impact on investor decisions. Given the inherent decentralized and trustless nature of DeFi, this investment space is often difficult to embrace given an investor’s preference for tight security, typically absent in the DeFi. Investors seeking to onboard into DeFi with the expectation of achieving higher efficiency than those predicted and attained in TradFi and CeFi platforms may find the experience daunting. 

    Midas.Investments boasts a massive network of backend procedures which hedge and safeguard front-end investment opportunities provided to investors for high return prospects in an unpredictable crypto market. Midas’ platform has fully integrated with Fireblocks, which provides commercial-grade digital protection for the storage and transfer of digital assets. Aside from industry-standard security, Fireblocks’ technological infrastructure aids in the automation of operations like Midas’ monthly rebalancing of the Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP) while also assisting the treasury of Midas’ investment strategies with boosts to security and efficiency.

    Beyond infrastructural security, Midas employs numerous yield generation protocols as a DeFi liquidity provider, including liquidity supplying, loans, multi-protocol methods, and algorithmic tools as a hedging mechanism. Midas’s wiki page includes a comprehensive breakdown of the strategies employed by its investment team to generate yield for its investors. 

    What Sets Midas.Investments Apart from the Competition?

    Midas’ Team

    To achieve its fundamental aim of generating hedged yield channels using current digital techniques for steady passive income, Midas has developed a hybrid CeDeFi investing platform supported by a group of more than 40 qualified team members. Midas’ experienced staff employs a mixture of market knowledge and tools, supported by an algorithmic infrastructure and round-the-clock investment management. 

    Midas continues to expand its team with two significant recent additions: the former CEO of a major IT firm, who brings with him more than 15 years of management experience) and a seasoned DeFi analyst and asset manager from the traditional financial industry with deep knowledge in constructing DeFi, and who previously managed more than $2 billion worth of assets. Midas expects that the newly-filled roles will aid in the company’s continued growth as a prominent CeDeFi platform.

    Midas’ Strategies

    Midas offers three unique investment opportunities to its investors. 

    The most popular investment option is the Fixed Yield Strategy, where investors earn industry-leading rates on individually staked crypto holdings. In this strategy, investors may earn a 9.4% APY on BTC, 10.6% on ETH, and 14.5% on fiat-backed stablecoins like USDC and UDST. Investors may also choose to earn yield in $MIDAS, our highly-versatile platform token, via the “Midas Boost,” which provides an extra 3% to 4% of APY on top of the aforementioned rates. 

    A Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP) is a second investment option offered by Midas. YAPs, like ETFs in conventional banking, are baskets of cryptocurrencies grouped by category and performance. The two YAPs available on Midas are the Stable and DeFi YAPs. Stable YAPs include an equal-weighting of BTC, ETH, MIDAS, and USDC while the DeFi YAP is composed of eight decentralized finance mechanisms. YAPs undergo a monthly rebalancing to disperse returns equally and optimize returns. 

    The third investment strategy is the Complex DeFi Strategy, a newly-evolving concept which will give investors medium to higher risk options to further diversify portfolio performance.

    These strategies align to present an optimized trading and investment model that combines the best of centralized and decentralized finance to benefit its 10,000+ active users and $200 million in assets under management.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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