Limited Availability Of Tora Inu Tokens Is Pushing Its Presale Closer To Be Sold Out

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    The limited availability of Tora Inu tokens is pushing the TORA presale closer to the end of the current phase as the tokens continue to sell out quickly. So far, Tora Inu has managed to raise over $300,000 in a short period of a few weeks as investors rush to purchase the new era memecoin.

    It seems that memecoin hunters are excited about the token’s deflationary mechanism, its P2E platform, and strong marketing plans as they hope to earn a profit once the token finally launches on Tier-1 exchanges. 

    Unique Deflationary Mechanism Causing Presale to Sell Quickly

    The Tora Inu presale started October 20th and has raised over $300,000 in under two weeks of going live. Investors are rushing to Tora Inu as they are excited about the coin’s unique deflationary and redistribution mechanism. 

    Tora Inu comes with a unique burning mechanism that reduces the token supply as the platform becomes more popular. A 3% buy and sell tax occurs on every transaction. The tax is used in burning and redistribution, creating favorable tokenomic conditions for investors. Eventually, the deflationary mechanics will cause a supply shock for the token, making it more scarce over time. This should help TORA’s value to explode if the demand remains consistent or continues to grow. 

    Although deflationary mechanisms have been used in previous memecoins, the redistribution design is novel as it rewards long-term TORA holders through the tax feature.

    Enjoyable P2E Game That Isn’t Pay-to-Play

    According to the roadmap, investors are also keen to participate in the unique play-to-earn game that Tora Inu will release in Q3 2023. This P2E game is set to raise the standards in the industry as it will be entirely skill-based – removing the option for players to pay to improve their stats. 

    Users will need to purchase an NFT to participate in the P2E ecosystem, which comes with stats that are slowly buffed over time as the player wins games against other players and the environment. 

    Typically, P2E games allow users to buff their stats by paying a fee. However, the team behind Tora Inu believes this needs to be revised as it’s different from how games should be. As a result, they will not provide a method for players to pay their way into achieving higher stats – making it a skill-based ecosystem in which the best players are the ones who will be rewarded the most. 

    Furthermore, another unique aspect of the P2E game is that the rewards won’t come from liquidity reserves. Instead, most of the rewards will come from players who stake TORA tokens into a pool to play the game. As a result, this increases transactions on the blockchain triggering the redistribution and burning mechanism, further making TORA more deflationary.

    Strong Marketing Campaign Lines Up

    The team behind Tora Inu is KYC’d, and Solidproof verified the contracts. 

    They have extensive marketing experience, and they understand for the token to become popular, it will need intense buying pressure and a large community to take off and reach the moon. As a result, the team has prioritized a colossal marketing campaign to promote the token on the most popular publications in the crypto industry. 

    Furthermore, the Tora Inu team understands that the token needs to be listed on multiple tier-1 exchanges to reach the heights of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Therefore, they have a CEX marketing drive listed as one of the milestones on the roadmap to get TORA listed on tier-1 and tier-2 exchanges. 

    They already have a tier-1 exchange lined up to list TORA on launch – but they are trying to keep the name of the exchange a secret. However, there are subtle hints on the Tora Inu homepage that it could be listed on OKX.

    Overall, Tora Inu is set to be one of the outstanding dog memecoins in 2023, and the presale is the perfect opportunity to invest at the lowest prices.
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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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