Japan is The Next Big Market For DEA And Its GameFi Push

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    Jun 6, 2022


    GameFi initiatives have the potential to bring income-generation opportunities to everyone. DEA acknowledges these opportunities and will bring its ecosystem to Japan. It is a solid region to start, and it will enable DEA to continue its global expansion. 

    There are many reasons why people should pay more attention to GameFi and its opportunities. Play-to-earn gaming is not just a trend that caters to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, although Japan has proven welcoming to Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Instead, GameFi is about creating new monetization opportunities for everyone, establishing a more level playing field regardless of education, experience, or financial situation.

    Digital Asset Entertainment Pte. Ltd., or DEA, acknowledges Japan is a solid market to introduce these new income-generating opportunities. With the help of the non-profit organization Kosotsu Shien Kai, DEA will bring such opportunities to individuals without high-school degrees. All one needs is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection to explore DEA’s PlayMining Metaverse and its various games.

    Speaking of which, the PlayMining ecosystem is home to one game today, called JobTribes. However, three more games – Cookin’ Burger, Graffiti Racer, and Menya Dragon Ramen – will become available in Q3 2022. Every game will bring new elements to the table, enabling users to acquire DEAPcoin, NFTs, and other assets they can control and monetize. 

    Furthermore, the expansion to Japan will help establish PlayMining as the leading Web3 GameFi platform. The country is home to many gaming enthusiasts and inhabitants who are very tech-savvy. Therefore, it is a perfect location to introduce GameFi and play-to-earn blockchain gaming mechanics to a broader audience while helping those in need of financial aid. 

    As DEA enters the Japanese market, it has secured support from Kosotsu Shien Sai and former Minister of Justice Takashi Yamashita. With their help, DEA will bring its DEAPcoin token – the native asset of the Playmining ecosystem – to more users. A first step has been taken as trading platform BITPOINT has listed DEAPcoin to provide liquidity. 

    DEA CEO Kozo Yamada states:

    “Japan represents an incredible opportunity for GameFi, and especially PlayMining, when putting the sheer size of the market and its tech-savvy population in context. As we endeavor to make a big splash in the market, we are proud to have the support of the Liberal Democratic Party and local organizations like “Kosotsu Shien Kai” that believe in the immense potential of Web3 ecosystems.”

    Second, the next objective is to establish and operate an NFT marketplace in Japan. DEA’s PlayMining NFT marketplace has secured partnerships with popular mange artists, including Ami Shibata and Ume. Another crucial step, as the PlayMining Metaverse, which focuses on user content creation and development, welcomed Kamui Fujiwara earlier. 

    Third, the DEA team will continue to develop its four play-to-earn NFT gaming titles to increase the appeal of GameFi in Japan. The land of the rising sun has a dedicated strategy for Web3 and the development of Metaverse technology. DEA and PlayMining can become more parts of that ongoing strategy. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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