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Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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MappedSwap Protocol is a decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange developed on the Eurus Blockchain that offers the most liquidity, the lowest trading cost, and the lowest slippage tolerance of less than 0.01 percent. It’s a DApp that lets users borrow up to 10 times their money to trade BTC, ETH, and USDC on margin. It also has a staking option and a referral system, with a potential return of up to 80%.

Eurus blockchain is built on Hyperledger technology and boasts the fastest cross-chain transaction speeds on a scalable network.  The MappedSwap protocol brings together the benefits of high capital efficiency, safe money, faster transactions, and leading liquidity. It reduces the barrier to entry into Decentralized Finance (Defi) and provides a user-friendly manner for new De-Fi players to invest.

MappedSwap unique points

  • Leverage the difference by borrowing up to 10 times the amount you need to trade, then repay the loan within an hour before the interest starts to accrue!
  • One of the lowest slippage tolerances in the blockchain industry, at less than 0.1 percent.
  • The biggest trading pair, BTC/USD, has high liquidity of 3 billion dollars.
  • Transactions on Eurus are completed in under two seconds.
  • Earn fees from successful referrals.

MappedSwap Team

  • Eddie Chan  ⇒  Founder
  • Nolan Teng   ⇒  Project Head
  • Gerald Chan ⇒  Marketing Lead
  • Leona Wang ⇒  Operations Head
  • Laney Chu    ⇒   Support Lead

MappedSwap Features : 

  1. High Capital efficiency: MappedSwap allows users to use finance tools to trade in De-Fi protocols, which may provide them up to ten times the amount of money they have.
  1. Financial security : Smart contracts give high-level safety for your cash with MappedSwap. Users do not have to entrust their assets to anyone while benefiting from the blockchain’s security. All transaction data is visible, and the EURUS block searching engine may be used to find it.
  1. Fast transactions: Users can understand real-time market dynamics thanks to MappedSwap’s flexible network technology, which can conduct transaction settlements in under two seconds. 
  1. Leading liquidity: MappedSwap sets aside enough funds to keep more than $6 billion in the liquidity pool, which provides the highest fully funded liquidity for MappedSwap transactions.


Q4 2021

  • Closed Alpha Mainnet Launch
  • Documentation
  • Tokenomics

Q1 2022

  • Live On Open Mainnet
  • ICO through staking and receive MST
  • Certik Audit scheduled
  • Friends top up function to Authorized third party deposit function
  • M tokens listing on Uniswap
  • Farming begins
  • Referral begins

Q2 2022

  • Limit order function
  • Isolated margining
  • More trading pairs to more trading pairs for M tokens.

MappedSwap Token(MST)

Mapped Tokens are synthetic assets issued by MappedSwap. Synthetic assets include:

  • USDM is the synthetic asset of USDC, that is: 1USDM = 1USDC
  • BTCM is the synthetic asset of wBTC, that is: 1BTCM = 1wBTC
  • ETHM is the synthetic asset of ETH, that is: 1ETHM = 1ETH

Here are the token addresses for:
MST: 0x03cbf57ece7948fe6fd38891e287811c0b849ee1
USDM: 0xbbAec992fc2d637151dAF40451f160bF85f3C8C1
BTCM: 0x36f9975d8184a65be42290D5A8764Dc97f3D9396
ETHM: 0xf80FC1ce16cBCBD18421E9Cd055CA1Bb58A9E097

A total of 3 billion MappedSwap Tokens will be issued to different sectors of the protocol. The first liquidity providers of wBTC, ETH, and USDC Pools would be rewarded with 1 billion MST (33.3%).

The Friends referral program uses 900 million MST (30.0 percent) to incentivize every successful referral. The founding team will get 600 million MST (20.0 percent) over the course of two years.

You can find M tokens on Uniswap via the below addresses:

Mappedswap’s Referral Program:

The Referral Program at MappedSwap uses an endless hierarchical paradigm. The referrer not only receives a fee from recommended users, but may also track the transaction volume of indirectly referred users forever to increase the referrer’s rebate and commission. You can earn crypto assets without completing any transactions as long as your rebate level is high!

LevelWeekly VolumeStaked MSTRebate level(M Tokens + MST)
160,000,00020,000,00040% + 40%
230,000,0008,000,00035% + 35%
315,00,0002,000,00030% + 30%
47,500,000800,00026% +  26%
53,000,000200,00022.5% + 22.5%
61,500,00080,00020% + 20%
7800,00020,00017.5% + 17.5%
8400,000800015% + 15%
9100,00020000% + 15%

5 Steps to Start Trading

  1. Connect your crypto wallet.
  2. Swap Mapped Tokens.
  3. Deposit Mapped Tokens
  4. Get your Funding.
  5. Start trading.

Mappedswap Campaign To Start On April 13

Mappedswap is conducting 2 campaigns over a 1 month period. The activity is going to start from 13 April to 12 May. Campaign 1 is all about 600,000 MST giveaways where users have to complete 2 tasks. Campaign 2, is where you have to share,and trade. Participants can win from a 200,000 MST prize pool. All new users receive 0.1 EUN for free, which is enough to cover around 100 transactions on Eurus networks. This only applies to new wallet addresses connected using MappedSwap, which allows users to trade and stake for free.

Why is the campaign being held?

MappedSwap campaign is held for the following reasons:

  • In total, more than 800,000 MST are being distributed (each MST valued at 1 USD approximate)
  • Provide users with MST rebates for referrals and stakes.
  • During the promotion period, there is a lower barrier to entry for new users and referrers to earn MST.
  • Attract customers to utilize the 10x margin trading feature to increase their trading and profit potential.
  • By sharing your own referral code with your viewers, you may cast a wider net and increase your own revenue.

How to participate in campaign 1?

Campaign 1 tasks is to share the promotion using twitter and find the mystery code.

To participate in the task:

  • Go to Mappedswap’s twitter, like, retweet and tagged three friends, watch the promo video and find the mystery code.
  • Submit the required information in the online form to enter the giveaway. It takes 24 hrs to verify your submission.
  • Qualified users are notified on MappedSwap official  telegram group.

How to participate in campaign 2?

Campaign 2 consists of 3 tasks: 

  • Task 1 : Participants who have completed campaign 1 successfully, will get referral code and can earn 5 USDM by sharing their own referral code and link  on Twitter. Only the first 10,000 users will be given a chance to participate. You will get your referral code on the dashboard of Mappedswap under the referral section. If you do not have referral code, all you need to do is to trade and stake in Mappedswap to get one.
  • Task 2: Make an accumulative trade value of 1000 USD in value and receive 50 MST. Users will be eligible to get the incentive if they meet the conditions within the promotional time. Only the first 4000 users are able to participate in this task. When the user meets the conditions, 50 MST will be immediately staked in your referral page.
  • Task 3: The mid-point of Task 3 will start from April 13 and mid-stop day is  April 28th ending at 10 pm, two weeks into the promotion. Users that have made an absolute profit of more than 10,000 USD will earn 500 MST. MST will be instantly deposited into your account, allowing you to move up to level 9 on the rebate chart and earn 15% more MST every week. Only the first 1000 users are able to participate. 

Below are the points of terms and conditions.

Campaign 1 terms and conditions:

  • This giveaway is limited to 50,000 users who provide the right answers. Users must complete all tasks and submit their entry to qualify. One wallet address is considered as ONE entry. 
  • Registered wallet should contain a combined minimum of 0.01 ETH value of the following tokens (wBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT) to prevent bots from snatching allocated MSTs in this campaign.
  • Combined minimum value of 0.01 ETH is determined by the market rate of CoinMarketCap everyday on 10:00am UTC+8
  • MappedSwap’s team will cross check all submissions, if one field is entered in error or missing. The submission is disqualified. Users will not be notified if entry is incorrect.
  • Winners will be notified via MappedSwap’s official Telegram group if they provide all information accurately. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of their submission.
  • 12 MST will be made available to users via the Referral page in MappedSwap for all accurate submissions. Users are to submit only Metamask and Eurus Wallet addresses, otherwise you are not able to connect onto MappedSwap.

Campaign 2 terms and conditions

  • All task rewards are on a first come first serve basis, Task 1 has 10,000 openings, Task 2 has 4,000  and Task 3 has 1,000. Task 1, referral code is automatically generated in the referral page of MappedSwap, every user has their unique referral code.
  • Users who did not participate in the Part 1 of the campaign will not have a referral code unless you trade or stake into MappedSwap as a normal user. To get a referral code, you can participate in part 1 here (link), do a trade or stake on MappedSwap. 
  • Connected wallets should contain a combined minimum of 0.01 ETH value of the following tokens (wBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT) on Ethereum Chain to prevent bots from snatching allocated USDMs and MSTs. Combined minimum value of 0.01 ETH is determined by the market rate of CoinMarketCap everyday at 10:00am UTC+8.
  • In Task 1, users can share their referral code & link, and allow 24 hours for our team to check the sharing of your Twitter message. Duplicate wallet addresses who met task requirements do not qualify. Qualified users will have their USDM  deposited into your Account page in MappedSwap.
  • In Task 2, accumulative trade refers to the total amount of trade made starting from 13 April 2022, rewards are distributed once per day when users meet the criteria. One wallet address will receive one reward only.
  • In mid stop Task 3, Absolute Profit and Loss value is determined by having at least 10,000 USD in value to qualify for the MST giveaway. This calculation will activate only on the mid stop day of the whole promotion 28 April 2022, ending at 10pm, UTC+8. Rewards will be distributed to qualified users the next day.
  • When users participated in Task 2 and/or 3, they are automatically participating in the leaderboard race for the 200,000 MST prize pool.
  • Leaderboard competition is based on how much Absolute Profit value you have, the higher value you have the higher you climb. The leaderboard refreshes every 15 minutes.

First come first serve conditions are depicted as follows:

  • Task 1, based on the timestamp of your submission of the image capture in Google Form.
  • Task 2, first to meet the criteria of accumulative trade of 1,000 USD value, within the campaign period (provided wallet balance maintained above 0.01 ETH value of tokens on Ethereum mainnet)
  • Task 3, first to meet the criteria of 10,000 USD in total value from the day your wallet is connected onto MappedSwap.
  • All MSTs giveaway are automatically staked into your account in MappedSwap. USDM rewards will be deposited into your Account page in MappedSwap. Unstaking of MST will result in a 7 days withdrawal processing time. Leaderboard prizes will be processed within 3 days after the campaign ends.

For more information on MappedSwap

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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