Important Cryptocurrency Jargons and Terminologies You Should Aware Of

Getting involved in the world of cryptocurrency requires you to be aware of cryptocurrency jargons and terminologies. Such glossary of all the cryptocurrency terms may usually come to your notice while crypto enthusiastic discusses on Reddit or Bitcoin talk or other discussion forums.

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If you’re oblivious to these terms, you may end up thinking what people are talking about and may close out the conversation of substance.

Therefore, this article takes a look at few important terminologies for you to consider while discussing with cryptocurrency community

FOMO:  Fear of missing out. It is the fear of missing out on the profit that others are relishing.

FUD:  Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Unsubstantiated negativity spanned intentionally by somebody that wishes the price of something to drop.

FUDster: Someone that is spreading FUD

Sell Wall/ Buy Wall: Practicing a depth chart, traders can observe the current limit buy and sell points.

ATH: All time high. This means that the trading of any cryptocurrencies at the highest price by breaking all of its former records.

Whale: Someone that owns farcical amounts of cryptocurrency.

HODL:  Stands for Hold On For Dear Life. It means exactly same as hold, meaning to hang on your cryptocurrency for a long time.

Bullish:  An anticipation that price is going to surge.

Bearish: An anticipation that price is going to decline.

BEAR:  This is a term used when the investors or traders believe that the price of a specific cryptocurrency or market will fall and expect to obtain a profit from that declining stage.

BAGHOLDER:  It describes an investor/trader who holding his particular cryptocurrency for a long time and faces the significance of that decision.

REKT:  This is an orthographical error of “wrecked”.  This term describes the investors /traders who are an absolutely ravaged and demolished with huge fatalities of the present decline of a price.

TO THE MOON: This is term refers to the potential of the crypto positive movement as it standardizes the climbing price.

ADDY: The term ADDY denotes to a cryptocurrency public address.

ALTCOIN: Other cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin

ASHDRAKED:  A circumstance of the investor/trader where they lost all the money.

TA: Technical Analysis. Sometimes it is also known as Trend Analysis. It denoted to the examination of the crypto marketplace for the future prediction.

MACD: Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It indicates the relationship between two fluctuating averages of prices.

MCAP: Market Capitalization

Swing- Zigzag price movement

Short: Margin bear position

OTC- Over The Counter

LONG- Margin bull position

DILDO- Long green or red candles

DUMP- To sell of all the coins

DUMPING – Downward price moment

DYOR – Do Your Own Research

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