Hotly Anticipated Metacade Token Presale Launched. Could Be The Next Big Metaverse Trend – Experts Predict

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    Metacade has announced the opening of the highly anticipated presale for their MCADE token. 

    While there will be a fixed supply of 2 Billion $MCADE tokens, 70% of this (1.4 billion MCADE tokens) will be made available for the presale event, which will be released over 9 stages.

    The MCADE token is going to play a crucial role in the Metacade ecosystem. Users will be able to use MCADE for prize draws, entering exclusive Metacade gaming tournaments, and more. Additionally contributors to the platform will earn MCADE tokens for a variety of actions, including adding reviews and game testing. And that’s not even mentioning Metagrants, which are given to help developers get unique projects off the ground.

    What Experts Are Saying About the Metaverse

    At the moment, the Metaverse is a divisive topic. Some experts are predicting that people will essentially live in the Metaverse by 2030. Others, like Apple’s Tim Cook, are saying that augmented reality will be more important and that the Metaverse probably won’t live up to all of the hype that it’s getting

    The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. What is clear is that we’re all spending more and more of our time online. And as we do, the Metaverse is gaining more and more traction as it slowly trickles into the mainstream (pun intended).

    What is Metacade?

    Metacade is a project that could spark the next big Metaverse trend. It’s Web3’s first community arcade. Specifically, it’s a place where gamers and community members can come together to socialize, play the hottest P2E games, and participate in competitive tournaments.

    One of Metacade’s core principles is putting the power back into the hands of the players. Metacade intends to throw out the more traditional model by allowing users to realise the value they generate in a whole range of ways. Case in point, Metacade rewards its users for added value to the community. Every time users create a game review, post some tips, or make any other content that the community finds valuable, they’re rewarded via the MCADE token.  If you love to play the latest games, then you can earn for your role in testing and giving feedback on metaverse and play-to-earn games for Metacade’s developer community.

    Why Could Metacade Be the Next Metaverse Trend?

    Metacade could definitely spark the next Metaverse trend through its unique approach. Here are four things that this Metaverse project does differently, which other projects may end up copying in the near future.

    It Puts Community First

    Many, if not most crypto projects take investment from venture capitalists before making their tokens available to the public. This often creates a situation where those with deep pockets do very well for themselves while the public misses out on the biggest gains.

    Metacade is flipping that trend on its head, by making its token, MCADE, available to the general public before any outside investment firms. This ensures that the community of players will benefit the most from Metacade’s growth.

    This style is a great way to get the community on your side early. If Metacade succeeds here, then it’s a strategy that many other Metaverse projects may even look to copy.

    It Features Loads of Games, Not Just One

    The most popular Metaverse games of today are just single standalone games. If someone doesn’t enjoy playing that game, then there’s no reason for them to continue engaging with the project. And there’s no way to get them to stick around either.

    Metacade is proving that this isn’t the best approach. Its arcade model gives gamers access to a catalog of Web3 games through a single platform. So if a gamer doesn’t enjoy playing one game, they can simply move on to the next while remaining on the Metacade platform. This alone significantly increases the potential audience that a Metaverse project can attract. 

    From an investment perspective, this also lowers the risk significantly as they are not reliant on a single game gaining popularity. You can think of it like investing in Netflix, instead betting all your money on a single movie.

    It Brings the Goals of All Gamers Together

    As mentioned in the previous point, gamers are a diverse group. What appeals to some of them won’t appeal to others. That’s both true of games themselves and how they’re played.

    Metacade will allow gamers to play games in its Web3 arcade however they want. They can do so competitively by trying to climb leaderboards and joining tournaments with prize pools. Or they can do so casually while hanging out with friends.

    This could become a new Metaverse trend because it gives gamers more control over how they play. When projects do this, they encourage their users to stick around for longer amounts of time and to continue coming back again and again.

    It Will Connect GameFi Job-Seekers and Employers

    On top of everything else, Metacade is also addressing a gap in the Web3 market that no other GameFi projects have tackled yet. It’s going to serve as a virtual job board for GameFi projects, where job-seekers can meet employers who want to hire them.

    This gives an even larger group of people a reason to interact with the Metacade community. If the strategy is successful, we may see it develop into a Metaverse trend that other projects start attempting to deploy.

    Is Metacade a Good Investment?

    We’re not here to tell you whether you should buy Metacade’s MCADE token or not. All that we can say is that the project is taking a unique approach that should definitely help it stand out from the competition and shows that it has heaps of potential.

    As the Metacade crypto presale is already underway, being one of the early adopters in the first stage means you can pick up 125 tokens for just $1. By the time Metacade reaches the final presale stage, you’ll only be able to buy 50 tokens for $1. In other words, getting in sooner rather than later could more than double your profits over time. 

    If you’re interested in investing in a Metaverse project that could spark the next Metaverse trend, then you may want to look closer at what Metacade has to offer.

    You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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