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Are You Fan Following One Of These Bitcoin Rappers?

Bitcoin’s spontaneous rise over the past few years has put the cryptocurrency industry into the spotlight for the past two years.

People are purchasing houses with bitcoin. Financial analysts are predicting its inevitable crash. Hackers have hacked it and in some situation even succeeded. Additionally, celebrities have jumped into the bandwagon of bitcoin.

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So, are you one of the fans following any of these rappers who have entered the bitcoin industry?

1. Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah is a Wu-Tang Clan rapper who has invested heavily in Cream Capital, a firm that claims to be developing the biggest network of cryptocurrency outlets or ATMs.

This company also provides a digital token known as Cream Cash. Brett Westbrook, the CEO of Cream Capital, informed CBS that Ghostface is a partner, as opposed to an endorser, of the venture.

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2. The Game

The Game

The Game, a hip-hop rapper, was recently involved in an initially coin offering or ICO for the giant tech firm Paragon.

Together with Jess Versteeg, the former Miss Iowa and an entrepreneur, they posted a video on Twitter to endorse the token, stating that he hopes to initiate “a marijuana revolution with blockchain,” in reference to the software or tool behind digital assets. Moreover, he is also one of biggest marijuana entrepreneur.

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3. Donald Glover

Donald Glover

The rapper well-known as the star of Atlanta, Community as well as Childish Gambino, and the Star Wars spinoff solo stated that he had a love for bitcoin in an interview back in 2013.

The rapper noted, “I know many people are afraid, but I feel if something is going to live online, then it has to be bitcoins.” “Being backed by gold might seem nostalgic and very old to me.” He continued that the blockchain path “makes a lot of sense.”

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4. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled is the producer and the brain behind different hits like “Wild Thoughts”. He recently jumped into the celebrity-driven frenzy over initially coin offerings. Just like the initial public offers or IPOs, they are money collection efforts for digital tokens, but they don’t have the same regulation.

Also, sometimes back, Khaled posted a photo of himself on Instagram. He posed in a white chair while holding a carafe of Ciroc vodka as well as a silver payment card. This was to endorse Centra, a digital e-wallet app that enables people to store digital currency.

Sadly, this firm has faced a few problems and his post has since been taken down. All in one, he is one of those musicians that have jumped into the bitcoin world.

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5. Nas


Rapper Nas has advanced have a career and transformed it into a high-rolling VC business person with his company Queensbridge Venture Partners. Nas has invested in different startups including the cryptocurrencies-related Coinbase, a famous digital wallet firm.

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There is a lot of rappers investment in bitcoin industry and they will only continue to venture into this industry. Moreover, there are a lot of rewards to cash in this industry too, hence the high interest of celebrities.

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