Exploring Top 3 Tokens to Make You a Fortune in 2023: Budblockz, Tamadoge & Tron

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    Sep 16, 2022


    The crypto market as a whole has declined since its peak in late 2021. However, over the long run, multiple cryptocurrencies have shown to be profitable investments, yielding high returns for individuals who were able to hold and sell during price increases. Although Bitcoin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market, other intriguing altcoins are gaining an increasing number of investors. Some of the most promising initiatives in the crypto sector in 2023 are BudBlockz (Blunt), Tamadoge (Tama), and Tron (TRX).

    1. BudBlockz (BLUNT)

    BudBlockz enables the purchase, sale, and exchange of cannabis items utilizing decentralized online e-commerce and blockchain technology to facilitate encrypted peer-to-peer transactions. It arises as the first asset-backed NFT for cannabis companies and goods, including farms and shops. The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly in countries and jurisdictions where it has been legalized or decriminalized, and this development is expected to continue as other nations alter their laws.

    After quickly selling out the private sale, The presale begun and so far over 20% of BLUNT tokens available have been sold, indicating the market’s ready to adopt the most eagerly awaited cannabis-related cryptocurrency in years. In total, the $BLUNT will have a supply of 420,000,000 tokens.   The BLUNT token offers liquidity for this platform and enables trading while providing rewards like discount vouchers. Furthermore, the token functions as the governance unit, hence those who have BLUNT and are members of the BudBlockz DAO will have the ability to vote, submit ideas, and influence the growth and development of the ecosystem.

    Moving forward, the presale of BLUNT will commence on September 22nd with the biggest of three staggered token issues. The formal launch of BLUNT has not yet been planned but should come in the fourth quarter of 2022.

    2. Tamadoge (TAMA)

    Meme tokens have always had a unique position in the cryptocurrency industry. In the recent past, they have also generated the highest returns for early-stage investors. TAMA distinguishes itself from other popular meme currencies by its high degree of practical value. Tamadoge is an interesting P2E game composed of an enticing new metaverse and NFT-centered ecosystem. This P2E game resembles the Tamagotchi. 

    TAMA, the platform’s token, is a deflationary multi-utility token with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. Overall, the Tamaverse lets gamers immerse themselves in the platform’s own Metaverse, where they may socialize as avatars and exchange TAMA tokens. Using TAMA, users may buy Tamadoge NFT dogs from the Tama shop, which are the ecosystem’s primary avatars.

    3. Tron (TRX)

    Since its introduction to the market in 2017, Tron has rapidly become one of the most prominent public chains in the crypto sphere. TRX, the native coin of the Tron network is TRX, is among the top twenty cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with a current market value of $6,559,451,006 and a circulating supply of 92,481,402,978 TRX tokens. It is one of the altcoins least impacted by the bear market and gives a promising possibility for long-term cryptocurrency investment.

    Overall, Tron’s mission is to provide a free, worldwide digital content entertainment platform that delivers the advantages of distributed storage technology and facilitates the cost-effective distribution of digital material among its users.


    Whilst all three tokens have enormous potential, our number one pick has to be BudBlockz (BLUNT) due to the use cases of the token and the ecosystem and because of how early it is in the journey giving ample time for investors to get involved and really maximize earning potential.

    >> Purchase BLUNT tokens here <<

    Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT)

    Official Website: 
    Presale Registration: 
    Telegram Group: 
    Discord Server: 
    All BudBlockz Links: 

    To purchase your $BLUNT tokens 

    Step 1: Visit the official BudBlockz website
    Step 2: Click the “sign up” button at the top of the page 
    Step 3: Create a Budblockz account. Ensure you use a valid email address.
    Step 4: From your client dashboard, click the “buy $BLUNT” button
    Step 5: set the amount you want to purchase and the currency you want to order in
    Step 6: Make the payment to the provided wallet address
    Step 7: Receive your tokens!

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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