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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Leveraging the Blockchain (NFT’s) market with the Infinix ZERO ULTRA 180W thunder charge.

     The creators of NFTs have extensive control over the quantity of NFTs they issue and have the option to sell the NFTs in whatever market they want, grounding themselves in the Blockchain world. These creators get insurance based on the NFT’s value,further owning intellectual and financial properties and many other benefits!


    As the world progresses toward the adoption of Web 3, Infinix launches ZERO ULTRA smartphone with a 180W power charge technology breaking into and leveraging NFTs and Web 3.0 for a unique digital brand experience.

    Infinix’s entry into the Web3 marketing sector with the ZERO ULTRA smartphone by   introducing the NFT collection. Providing consumers with distinctive digital experiences with the unique XBOY EXPLORER NFT series in a fun and engaging way. NFTs are a trendy tool that brands can leverage to expand brand awareness and user engagement. 

    As such, the NFT collection will bring about a unique digital experience for users, thus Infinix Mobile is throwing out chances of grabbing NFT collections at free costs just by purchasing the ZERO ULTRA thereby opening you to the Blockchain market with little or no stress!  The brand explores innovative new communications strategies to lead a new trend in the mobile technology industry.

    • About Infinix Mobile
    • The Infinix ZERO ULTRA smartphone.
    • Why should I get it?
    • Price and Availability.

    About Infinix Mobile

    Founded in 2013, Infinix Mobile is a fast developing technology company based in Hong Kong creates, produces, and sells a growing range of smart products globally under the Infinix name.

    Infinix produces stylish, potent, highly secured and reasonably priced smart gadgets that provide the newest technology to people all around the world at a time when they need it and at a price that they desire, with a focus on today’s youth. 

    The Infinix Zero Ultra Smartphone

    • The Infinix ZERO ULTRA could offer 180W fast charging.
    • However, it is tipped to feature 5G connectivity.
    • The MediaTek Dimensity 920 chipsets.
    • Outstanding 3D Curved 120Hz AMOLED display.
    • Potent 6nm 5G processor.
    • Updated user interface, and,
    • The highest pixel camera and cinematography capabilities on the market, with a 200 MP primary camera, set new standards in the industry.

    Why Should I Get It?


    • Set to incorporate this spirit of discovery into the development of mobile phones and to introduce super-fast charging technology that provides customers with the greatest experience. Users are open to a new digital experience with the implementation of the cutting-edge NFT marketing methods.  These new advances are tied together by the XBOY EXPLORER NFTs.
    • NFTs are a popular tool that businesses may use to increase user engagement and brand exposure. The NFT collection is therefore anticipated to assist users of this Smartphone develop distinctive digital experience for users as the company investigates cutting-edge new communications tactics to set a new trend in the mobile technology sector.
    • Infinix’s NFT collection will be available via lottery prize draw, in which users can participate by purchasing a device.
    • The smartphone ZERO ULTRA houses five explorers from various worlds in our solar system found in the XBOY EXPLORER NFTs, which honors humanity’s passion for space exploration. Each character has skills that are a representation of the key technical advancements seen in the Infinix ZERO ULTRA smartphone.

    The five XBOY EXPLORER characters includes;

    •  FLASH from Venus with a 180W Thunder Charge.
    • MIRROR from Jupiter with a 3D waterfall display.
    • VISION from Mercury with a 200MP camera 
    • WISESTAR from Mars with a 6nm 5G CPU, and 
    • CHIC from Saturn with an extremely fashionable appearance. 
    XBOY EXPLORER NFT Collection

    In the light of these, users of Infinix’s ZERO ULTRA will receive an NFT Lottery card when they purchase the device, and by scanning the QR code, they may enter to win an animated NFT by exploring and participating in various games and challenges packed up with getting the Infinix ZERO ULTRA smartphone.

    • The Infinix ZERO ULTRA will explore new metaverse trends. The brand is engaging with youthful customers in the metaverse by tying the characteristics of its physical items to creative NFT assets. Infinix Mobile is sure to break edges.
    • The Infinix ZERO ULTRA could offer 180W fast charging. One of the fastest charging standards presently available in a production grade consumer smartphone right now. 

    With the awesome, currently unbeatable features of having a smartphone that not only aids in communication but in growing an audience and further breaking financial barriers, what else is more juicy than getting a device that serves all these opportunities. “A device and more”.

    Price And Availability

    The ZERO ULTRA from Infinix will cost $520 and come in Coslight Silver and Genesis Noir with 256GB of storage. Region to region will have different prices and options.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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