How To Pay Using Ripple: Top Companies Accepting XRP


Let’s face it: XRP isn’t exactly a controversy-free coin. Due to its legal troubles, the coin has faced a world of difficulties, but it has remained one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available today, and it’s currently on an upward trend.

Despite being a sought-after trading commodity, it’s not the easiest currency to use when trying to buy goods and services. Online, of course, since Ripple payments will not be available in the “real” world.

But if you own some XRP and are looking to put it to good use, we have some good news: there is a surprising variety of services that allow you to pay using Ripple. Let’s find out all about them in this step-by-step tutorial about paying with XRP.

Who Accepts Ripple?

Like we mentioned before, Ripple isn’t the easiest coin to use to purchase, and not all crypto-friendly websites will support it.

But it’s a misconception that you can’t pay with this coin, only trade it. If you’ve ever wondered “What online stores accept Ripple” then you’ve come to the right place.

Top Companies & Businesses Accepting Ripple

Online Casinos

If there’s an area where you won’t struggle to find websites accepting your XRP is at Ripple casinos and sports betting sites. If gambling is your thing, you’re spoiled for choice, with XRP payments available at multiple blockchain casinos. Several of those casinos also let you play using other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as more traditional fiat currencies. 


Gaming and online gambling often go hand to hand when it comes to catering to a more tech-savvy audience, so it’s not surprising that you can find several gaming-related platforms accepting Ripple payments, such as the infamous streaming platform, Twitch.


Shopify is an e-commerce site that allows vendors to easily set up online shops to advertise and sell their products. It rivals WordPress when it comes to easily setting up a professional-looking website, although it’s more focused on e-commerce. Ripple payments are enabled on this platform through BitPay.

Red Cross

Again with the help of BitPay, you can easily donate to the American Red Cross using your hard-earned XRP. This way, you will be turning your crypto into sheer goodwill, helping one of the world’s most famous charities to alleviate human suffering and assist those in need.


The Amazon of technology and gadgets, Newegg is one of the world’s most popular online shops for all things electronic. Just like many before, this brand uses BitPay to power its XRP payments, which is handy if you have an account with this wallet.


From cruise deals to air travelling in style, several travelling companies have joined the Ripple craze, and accept crypto payments through online payment providers such as BitPay. 

How To Use Ripple To Buy Online?

Now that you know what companies gladly accept your XRP, you must be wondering what type of products you can buy using this coin. 

From stylish luxury goods to humble garden seeds, nowadays you can buy a bit of everything with cryptocurrencies, especially the most popular, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ripple.

Since Ripple is a bit edgier than other coins, and as we’ve mentioned before, not all businesses accept it. You certainly won’t find as many “Ripple Pizza” websites as you can with Bitcoin, that cater exclusively to this coin. However, if know what you’re looking for, you will find a place to spend your XRP.

A good place to start is with payment providers that support Ripple, such as BitPay. CoinBase previously also supported Ripple, but it has suspended the coin for the time being. These providers will facilitate transactions between you and the vendors. They will also give you a wallet address, allowing you to send your XRP to make payments.

Do note that different payment providers have different processing times. Long story short: you will always have to wait a bit before your payments are processed, and there is often a transaction fee as well. But the good news? The businesses themselves (such as the casinos, gaming platforms, or stores accepting Ripple) often allow for cost-free Ripple transactions!

Final Thoughts

Ripple may not be the easiest coin to spend online, but we’re a long way from the early days of cryptocurrencies, when there were hardly any stores – online and otherwise – that accepted your coin.

Now, investing isn’t your only option with Ripple. You can use XRP as it was intended: as a proper currency that can be used to process transactions (mostly) online.

As time goes by – and assuming the coin will remain healthy – more and more businesses will have to ride the Ripple wave and support XRP payments.

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