BudBlockz Ventures into P2E Gaming. Can it Challenge Axie Infinity?

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    In an otherwise troubled year for cryptocurrencies, play-to-earn, or P2E, tokens have captured the attention of gamers and investors alike. No P2E platform has done more to establish the market than Axie Infinity (AXS). But as new cryptocurrencies look to add P2E elements to their platforms, can AXS keep its place as the king of the hill? Cannabis-focused pioneer BudBlockz (BLUNT) intends to find out, and the strength of its challenge might surprise some industry observers.

    Axie Infinity built its platform along familiar lines. Players use AXS to purchase teams of 2D creatures called Axies, and to outfit them before battling other teams. In-game bonuses are paid in tokens that can be traded for upgrades and items within the game itself, or exchanged for more fungible currencies. Despite something of a hard sell—even beginners must purchase their initial teams of Axies—the platform has become a genuine success. Some especially well-outfitted Axies have sold for nearly a million dollars, and the game has proven to be a consistent revenue-generator.

    At first glance, BudBlockz is an unlikely rival for Axie Infinity. BLUNT just wrapped up the successful first phase of its presale, and much of BudBlockz’s roadmap is devoted to supporting the very real, still-growing retail cannabis market. Where Axie Infinity leans on NFTs and an in-game token it calls Smooth Love Potion, BudBlockz is all business. Its roadmap includes plans for a point-of-sale payment network designed to resolve the most pressing challenge faced by US dispensaries, a virtual dispensary that works in partnership with brick-and-mortar cannabis shops, and a marketplace for negotiating and purchasing marginal shares of real cannabis producers, processors, and retailers.

    All of which makes BudBlockz’s latest announcement, the BUDBLOCKZ ARCADE, so intriguing. Not seeking to reinvent the wheel, the arcade will pay tribute to the best games of the late ‘90s by offering a collection of game inspired by classic NES and Sega Genesis consoles. Rewards will be paid in BLUNT, and anyone can play after purchasing a Ganja Guruz NFT from BudBlockz’s extensive array of designs.

    On its face, we’ve seen much of that before. But BudBlockz appears to be positing the arcade as a funnel for its other services. Each Ganja Guruz NFT unlocks access to BudBlockz’s other marketplaces, including its marginal-ownership market, giving the platform another enticement for casual investors to explore the very real growth opportunities presented by one of the crypto space’s most intriguing new tokens.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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