List of Bitcoin Forums and Communities

There are many sources to gather an absolute information about Bitcoin Forums and Communities. I am scrutinizing since from 2015 and made a step to gather all the Bitcoin Forums and Communities.

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More extensively, one should have a deep knowledge about bitcoins, so I want to demonstrate Bitcoins in simple terms

“Bitcoin is the decentralized digital currency of the Internet circulated around the world, unlike conventional currencies such as Dollars, Bitcoins are issued and managed without any main authority.”

Now let’s have a talk on bitcoin forums. Below list is quite alluring to understand the subject for all Bitcoin users.

BitcoinTalk Forum

BitcoinTalk is a like a noticeboard where people take part in the technical details and the development of Bitcoin software and discuss with each other. Though, people who’ve passion in Bitcoin mining, trading with Bitcoin, and in the budgetary of Bitcoins can participate in this forum.

You can have a look on BitcoinTalk Forum by visiting:

Reddit Bitcoin Community

Reddit Bitcoin community is one of the famous social website. A person called Atlas founded this community in September 9th 2010. However, it is the reliable place among several Bitcoin communities in terms of news, community feedback, and updated information about various companies.

Furthermore most of the people have satisfied from this community by obtaining competent relevant information.


Bitcoin Stack Exchange (Q&A)

Bitcoin Stack Exchange is familar as the Bitcoin’s question and answer website. Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky developed Bitcoin Stack Exchange in 2008.

You can directly post the questions related to the Bitcoin and find the relevant solutions for your questions. Even you can answer to the users question by using this persuasive platform. Anybody can ask questions and anybody can answer to that specific questions by just simply signing up.

This platform designed in such perception that the best answers are voted up and raise to the top automatically. So that Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts can view best results.



CryptoCompare is basically founded in November 2014 and released to the public in late July 2015. This platform also provide best information in showing the most accurate live prices, charting and market analysis from the top cryptoexchanges globally.

All the knowledge is up to date with the latest pricing and products available on the market in the CryptoCompare Forum.

Website Link:

Cryptocurrency Talk

Another community is most popular which is Cryptocurrency Talk. The major perception is to provide sufficient knowledge with the news, information, and discussions about the cryptocurrencies.

You can obtain the best and valuable advice from the trusted members of the community.


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All Crypto Talk

All Crypto talk was founded in 2013, in the cryptocurrency exchange industries the company has raised at the top and become well respected organization. However their potent team is active to control the fluidity of the company’s offering.


Jackobian Forums

The forum seems to be followed by many crypto users. Website is quite simple and gives you access to participate in forum just after singing up.

Website Link:

People to follow on Twitter for quality Bitcoin discussion?

As the Bitcoin is popping up on the market, so it is essential to connect twitter accounts to the digital currency. Almost all Entrepreneurs, writers, engineers, merchants etc are the members of Twitter Bitcoin community.

Some of the most available Bitcoin-related Twitter accounts include:


Michael Parsons operates this Twitter account, he also successfully running his blog Bitcoin Bytes and demonstrate himself as a “Bitcoin advisor, educators, shaper and presenter”.  He has more than 3000 followers and tweeted 10000 tweets till now.


Bitcoin has nearly 4200 follower and posts stats on the Bitcoin economy from


This is the world’s first magazine dedicated to the cryptocurrency. The Twitter account has ended to 3200 followers.


It posts for Bitcoin News, which reports on news related to the cryptocurrency. It has almost 1000 follower and over 11,400 tweets


This Twitter account is handles by the Andreas. Andrea’s followers are nearly 116K.


It is the account for, which offers block explorer, wallet service and currency statistics. Twitter account has over 2700 followers.

Other popular active Bitcoin concerning Twitter accounts are listed below








Do contact if you know other valuable source to follow and participate to get more updates on cryptocurrency.

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