Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Crypto World

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the world and it has made its presence in several systems, and now in cryptocurrency too.

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The invention of cryptocurrency was one of the best inventions given to the world after the world wide web. The world has seen many technological advancements but having a decentralized monetary system, that is secure is definitely one of the biggest milestones yet to be achieved.

AI algorithms have been really efficient in the banking system, but with the recent upgradations on AI, it will promote many transformations to systems, especially in cryptocurrency. This will help traders to constantly manage common manipulations existing in the crypto market.

Let’s find out the effect of AI in the crypto space.

Predicting the Outcomes

With the help of  AI technologies, we can have the most effective ways to predict the future value of assets. Platforms like Augur and NeuroBot utilize AI-powered tools to analyze crypto assets and by this, they get near-exact price predictions which are based on crypto exchange rates.

 AI analysis of an individual cryptocurrency is very important to check whether there is an upward or downward growth and how a potential investment can be. 


Artificial intelligence has a great effect on cryptocurrency trading, which is usually a danger zone for novice traders due to high market irregularities. But, for the people who understand AI, it removes uncertainty and immediately determines possible risks before you even manage to place your order, to minimize losses.

For High-end investors, there is always space, especially those who are able to take high risks. As AI eliminates the risk of losing money to very low by making almost 100 percent precise predictions. 

This is a very helpful tool for beginners to know in-depth market analysis that will help them to make good investment decisions even if they lack knowledge in finance.

AI-powered crypto trading requires a lot of processing power to get precise results which ordinary person cannot afford which keeps traders in an unequal position. Hence, we come to the point that AI technologies are more useful for big companies.

Understanding Community mood

By exploring the community mood will help to identify behavioral patterns that are distinct for the crypto space. The algorithmic crypto-asset manager ‘NapoleonX’ which helps to gather data about the market mood this contains their emotional state of investors, sentiment and opinions. 

The crypto market is still evolving as it is in the stage of its inception. Sentiment analysis can be conducted with the help of AI,  which can be a game-changer in this industry where everyone wants to find out who will be the Google of the cryptocurrency world.

Users with Free AI bots can review market sentiment, emotions, and opinions for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This AI system can show various emotions in the crypto market like sadness, surprise, excitement, anger and fear apart from just a positive or negative emotion. these emotions provided by AI systems are able to gather data from media sources or social sources delivering a different effect on crypto-trader emotions. 

The sentiment and emotions data is useful in predicting how volatile the market will be in the future: highly positive sentiment indicates that you are dealing with a market which will burst soon. 

Matrix AI

Matrix AI (MAN) is a China-based blockchain platform that easily utilizes AI technologies for security enhancement by process of automated auditing and self-optimization.

The network handles as many as 50,000 transactions per second and moreover, its TPS rate is expected to rise up to one million in the future.

Matrix’s mainstream adoption can lead to create smart contracts in your native tongue which makes them easily available for anyone and removes the need for learning programming languages in order to use the blockchain technology.

Matrix, with the help of a code generator, can convert English, Chinese or any other language into programming one.

Presently, the Matrix AI is sold at a low price of $0.142, but there are predictions that the revolutionizing technology will grow in the future and could eventually become the next 1,000 percent ICO. There some impressive team of developers in this project especially from Google and Microsoft.

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