Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Various Sectors

Even though the cryptocurrency market does not experience as speedy growth as it did at the beginning of the year, companies and institutions from all fields still adopt blockchain technology more often than ever.

Today we will reveal how is this technology used in various sectors like Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate and Digital Marketing.

Blockchain Technology and Healthcare – to the Rescue

Where is a need for customer data privacy there’s also a place for the blockchain technology.

Healthcare providers process and store confidential data since forever, but with an ongoing increase in the number of patients, this task became a pain in the neck. The blockchain technology could, however, significantly help. Now, the most obvious question one might ask is “Who would benefit from the use of BT in healthcare?”. Well, of course you – the patient. You would be in charge of your medical data and only you could be the one that can give permission to others to access it. In addition, physicians at different institutions with permission would see all your medical data and they could, therefore, make better diagnoses.

Blockchain Technology and Travel

Most of us book holiday through sites like or Expedia. These middlemen have, however, from our purchase fat commissions which hotels have to pay them in order to be listed on their sites. GOeureka, a blockchain startup from Singapore, however, has the potential to get rid of these mediators while using the blockchain technology.

Their project is to offer commission-free booking and a loyalty program in which would all hotels participate. For each booking, you shall pay with fiat, cryptocurrencies or with loyalty points that you receive for each of your bookings. But that’s not all this startup has to offer. Do you remember the last time when you did not know when you are going to arrive at your hotel and was not sure how to collect your keys if the receptionist is not there? Well, GOeureka solves this problem. Once you pay for your booking you shall immediately receive a door number and a password that will unlock your doors. So, no more worrying whether you will really be able to get into your hotel room if you arrive at a time that suits you the best and not the hotel.

Real estate – Complex industry? With BT not anymore

Transferring real estate is a slow and complex process that usually does not include just the buyer and seller, but also an agent, a lawyer and a broker. The blockchain technology could simplify this procedure. A proof of that is a trade between Ukrainian developer Mark Ginsburg and Michael Arrington, co-founder of the tech news site TechCrunch, in which Arrington bought property for $60,000 via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. You can read more about this trade at

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Digital Marketing – Time to get rid of fake traffic

If you thought that the blockchain technology does not have a place in an industry such as is Digital Marketing, let me set you straight.  Just like in the travel sector, we have in the digital marketing 2 giant middlemen that rule online advertising. They are no other than Google and Facebook. The dominance of these two is not the only issue that digital marketing faces. It is primarily the fact that marketers lack the transparency of how their money is spent. In the world of ad-bot scams and fake traffic generation techniques, this is a big deal. With the use of blockchain technology in Digital Marketing, we could determine whether real people see our ads and we could properly evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Conclusion – Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Various Sectors

The blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live our everyday life. A numerous number of companies and institutions are studying the BT and are searching for ways to implement it in their business, so they could differentiate themselves from a competition and offer better services. Be sure, that the sectors we reviewed today are not the only ones that could possibly benefit from the use of blockchain.

Information provided by Michael from Tradingbeets

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