Academy, Contests, and Copy Trading: How Newbies Can Kick-Start Profits With PrimeXBT

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    Beginning trading can be intimidating. There are always horror stories of new traders going overboard and losing all of their life savings in nearly an instant. Due to this, most reliable trading platforms come with warnings that trading is risky and can result in complete capital loss, but that’s where their care about your bottom line stops.

    PrimeXBT is a different kind of trading platform that caters to both professional traders and newcomers. Powerful tools are provided, such as long and short positions, but more importantly, the margin trading platform offers plenty of education, risk-free trading competitions where traders can practice to their heart’s content, and a peer-to-peer copy trading module that lets you learn from and copy the trades of the very best of the leaderboards. 

    Get An Early Education For Free With PrimeXBT Trading Academy

    Even before making a deposit or getting registered, PrimeXBT lets anyone access free trading education at the PrimeXBT Trading Academy. The educational website features dozens of videos designed by expert trader Dirk Hartig. Hartig has more than 20 years of experience trading commodities, stock indices, forex currencies, and crypto – the same assets that PrimeXBT provides exposure to through its margin trading tools.

    Tutorials and training videos will teach you the ropes as well as more advanced strategies. PrimeXBT has technical analysis software built directly into the platform so that newcomers can get familiar with support and resistance, reading trends, and spotting potential points of reversal. These tools can also assist with proper stop-loss placement and other risk management concepts.

    PrimeXBT Contests Creates Environment For Practice, A Chance To Win Capital

    PrimeXBT Contests is a central stage where traders meet to compete for a chance to win crypto-based rewards and prizes. Any earnings can be used toward collateral for margin trading, copy trading, and much more. Risk-free trading competitions are updated weekly, each with a new set of requirements traders must meet to win.

    In addition to winning prizes, the risk-free virtual funds available in PrimeXBT Contests mean there is no chance of loss – only gain. The no-risk trading environment lets users practice the tips they learned within the PrimeXBT Trading Academy or backtest technical indicators before utilizing them within a trading system.

    Covesting Copy Trading Provides A Fast Track To Trading Profits

    For traders that want a faster track to success or just can’t get the hang of markets themselves can always turn to the Covesting copy trading module. The peer-to-peer copy trading community is filled with highly skilled traders who show their success through a transparent and public leaderboard system. Followers can copy the trades of these top-ranked traders.

    Strategy managers stay incentivized by earning a cut from followers’ profit. In contrast, followers get to bypass all the most challenging aspects of trading, such as technical analysis and knowing where and when exactly to take a position for the highest probability of success. Followers can monitor the performance, which is updated regularly, and make adjustments to their portfolio of followings as necessary.

    Margin Trading Mastery Is Just A Few Clicks Away With PrimeXBT

    When it is finally time to turn attention toward trading the real-world turbulence of active, global markets, there is no better place than PrimeXBT. The platform arms traders with an arsenal of powerful tools such as long and short positions on leverage, capital protection tools, and much more.

    With only one platform, traders can access traditional markets and digital assets. PrimeXBT has Bitcoin, gold, natural gas, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and many other markets to choose from. Traders can build a diverse portfolio across many different asset classes and churn out profits like a professional with decades of experience under their belt.

    Gain An Edge And Kick Start Trading Profits With PrimeXBT Tools

    PrimeXBT connects traders to global markets from anywhere in the world using the award-winning smartphone application for Android and iOS devices. The free download also has tools to buy crypto, trade, access Covesting, and many other features. New improvements are always being added on a regular basis.

    Registration is free, and there is no minimum deposit on BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies to access the core margin trading features. Digital assets are used as collateral to access the many cryptocurrency-based products and services. If you are ready to kick-start profits and a trading career, there is no better place than PrimeXBT.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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