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Fantastic news for ZBS Capital and all of the partners involved who are looking to get into blockchain enterprises! ZBS Capital, a private equity firm specializing in venture capital, is pleased to announce a partnership with The business relationships were thoroughly discussed until we came to an agreement on a mutually beneficial partnership that will only help us revolutionize the decentralized market and crypto trends. By combining years of gaining skills and knowledge, our two-way collaboration agreement will cater to superior investment analytics and prolific investment prospects.


The collaboration aims to help crypto start-ups make a difference online and gain access to legal public funding. If you want to receive financial and advisory benefits tailored per your start-ups or entry-level concepts, you can now check with to see if ZBS Capital supports it. 

What’s new? Learn about the project’s performance, return on investment, and price variations, among other things. If further assistance or hints on projects, funding, or events are required, both platforms make this information available to the public eye. You can also learn more by visiting our social media pages, which are listed below.

Last but not least concerning the cooperation news, ZBS Capital and can help by sharing the proper connections and giving a high-quality evaluation of low-risk or risk-free crypto venture initiatives.

Who Stays Behind the ZBS Capital?

ZBS Capital is a private equity firm with headquarters in London. The core area of expertise is venture capital, which focuses on the development of a decentralized future. The company was founded in 2017. It has a large pool of expertise with both talents who hold hard and soft skills in the fields of blockchain, marketing, and finance.

Please visit the following social media sites for more recent information and updates on ZBS Capital’s services:

Please keep in mind that the primary purpose of social media platforms is to post short/medium-term trading opportunities. On the project’s technical progress, social impact, tokenomics, for example, you will find thorough data and trade evaluations. On the other hand, we regret to tell you that no investment advice is available. We only share informational portfolios on the Digital Assets.

In a nutshell, the following characteristics might be mentioned. ZBS CAPITAL provides financial and advisory support to projects in order to help them achieve their goals. We handpick significant start-ups with the power to change the world! Our goal is to work together with partners, and interested crypto/venture clients to build a decentralized society by supporting good initiatives and assisting them in realizing their vision. We also assist initiatives in reaching the online and industry masses and raising product awareness thanks to our extensive experience in the sector and extensive network of contacts. Currently, we can boast over 7 experienced traders (with success examples), 100+ projects in our portfolio, and 16 long-term investments. 

Look, We’ve been in the crypto world since 2017!

Among the initiatives in which ZBS Capital is now working are Ultra, Brand Protocol, DIA, and WStafi, among others. You can check our portfolio on the official website for more previous collaborations.

Who Stays Behind the ChainBroker?

Chain Broker, in turn, is a crypto platform that tracks both private and public fundraising activities. With them, you will find the most up-to-date information about seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds. You can keep track of promising projects, access funds that are available for signing up, view extensive infographics, and learn about future crypto events.

Please visit the following social media sites for more recent information and updates on ChainBroker’s services:

What Funding Sectors Are Covered?

Gaming, finance, NFT and Collectibles, Liquidity Management, and Data Management are only a few of the project categories you can find. If you have a specific financial project in mind that isn’t covered by the enumerated alternatives, you should contact the company directly.

Filter by trending, upcoming, and most recent projects. You can also modify pre-seed, seed, and private rounds, as well as strategic and venture rounds, among other things.

If you have a question about the collaboration between ZBS Capital and ChainBroker, please contact one of the companies’ representatives and receive a professional response.

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