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What Is Bitcoin Trading And How Does It Work In The Virtual Platform?

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that was created in January 2009. It has no physical existence; neither has any central control or oversight of the bank or government.

    You can buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin directly without an intermediary. Bitcoin relies on peer-to-peer software and cryptography.

    In simple words, Bitcoin is an alternative currency that allows us to send money over the internet. It is a medium of exchange that helps to carry out a virtual transaction using strong cryptography. 

    What Is Bitcoin Trading?

    Are you new to the Cryptocurrency world? Do you eagerly want to know about Bitcoin trading? If yes, then let’s explore it in detail.

    In simple words, Bitcoin trading is buying and selling Bitcoins. It is a process of buying the currency when the price is low and selling the currency when the price is high. 

    The principal goal of the trader is to book high profits in less time. When people frequently buy and instantly sell Bitcoins by earning the desired profit, then it is the trading of Bitcoin.

    It is an activity where trader buys the currency to sell it when the price reaches higher rather than holding it for a long time. Thus, Bitcoin trading is a process of speculating on movements at the Bitcoin price. 

    How Does Bitcoin Trading Work?

    Do you want to know the way to trade Bitcoin? Trading a Bitcoin is very easy and involves simple steps. 

    It has no lengthy or complicated process. You need to select a top-regulated broker to keep your funds safe.

    After choosing the broker, now create an account, deposit the amount, and you are ready to trade the Bitcoin.  

    Points You Need To Care While Conducting Trading of Bitcoin

    There are several points that you must consider while trading Bitcoin. So, here I explain to you the top four points you should focus on while trading Bitcoin.

    1. Factors Affecting the Price of Bitcoin

    The price of Bitcoin depends on many factors. Some key factors that can affect the price of Bitcoin are:

    a. Demand & Supply

     As we already know, when there is high demand and less supply, the price of the products rises. Same as that, Bitcoin price is also highly dependent on the demand and supply of the coin. A finite supply and high demand for the coins increase the rate of Bitcoin.  

    b. News & Advertisement

    News and advertisement also affect the price of Bitcoin. Positive news and advertisement raise the price whereas any bad news concern Bitcoin security, value, and longevity will provide a negative impact on the Cryptocurrency marketplace.

    c. Events

    The price of Bitcoin highly depends on the regulation changes, security breaches, and macroeconomic Bitcoin announcements. These all events fluctuate the Cryptocurrency marketplace. 

    2. Trading Style and Strategies

    Be very careful while choosing trading styles and strategies. There are several strategies for trading Bitcoin. They are:

    a. Scalping Trading

    Scalping Trading is the quickest style of trading Bitcoin. This style of trading allows you to make a profit quickly, and also you will cut losses just as quickly. You can make a trade every few minutes, or you can scalp a few positions a day.

    b. HODL Bitcoin Strategy

    HODL Bitcoin strategy is the way of buying and holding Bitcoins. But you must purchase and hold the Bitcoin If you are sure about the positive outlook on its long-term price.

    c. Day Trading

    Day trading is the quickest way of trading Bitcoin. It is the same as scalping trading. You do not make trade over a minute, but you typically trade over the day.

    d. Trend Trading

    Trend Trading is another strategy of trading Bitcoin where you take a position that matches the current trade. Your trade will highly depend on the overall market scenario. 

    3. Decide the Period of Holding

    You must know the period of holding the Bitcoin. Decide whether you are going long or short depending on the current market scenario. Study the market scenario and decide the period of holding your Bitcoin.

    4. Monitor Your Trade

    Open your trade and monitor your Bitcoin to make sure that it is moving in the desired way. You can use different trading platforms to evaluate the technical indicators that help you determine current market conditions. 


    Hence, Bitcoin trading is the simple way of buying and selling Cryptocurrency that helps to earn the highest profit in a short period. Rather than holding for a long, if you sell the Bitcoin in a quick time to book a profit, then it is trading of Bitcoin.

    It is very simple and has fewer steps to conduct trading of the Bitcoin. Just follow the above steps and be a Bitcoin trader. But carefully study the overall market condition to trade your Bitcoin profitably. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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