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Top NFT Games to Lookout For this Year


We all know that NFT games are all the hype lately, and with the increase of prices in addition to the increased number of the users engaging with NFT’s, wanting to know which games are the best to look out for, when the rest of 2021 is concerned, is certainly a valid question. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have changed the gaming world and the dynamic it provides. NFTs not only promise gamers more of a critically involved role when it comes to regulating the gaming economy, there are multiple rewards that you can involve yourself with, within the process.


In fact, multiple gambling sites have resorted to using blockchain technology too to regulate their online betting offers, in addition to providing an immersive experience, whether it’s gaming or not, so the same principle applies as NFT-based games. Below is a rundown of the games that you can look forward to in the last months of 2021, and you will definitely agree that the winter months to come are set with many entertaining games for you to spend your time on!

What are the Top NFT Games?

NFT games are many of the current popular games online that involve strategy, combat, simulation etc. while integrating blockchain technology within its game genres. With the upcoming games utilising main cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and so on, this market has become so profitable, secure and entertaining. 

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity may ring a bell for those Pokémon lovers out there, as the entire set-up of the game theme has been heavily influenced by the world-renowned cartoon and game series. Due to the addition of blockchain in Axie Infinity however, there is certainly more of an exciting feel overall, where players can use their Ethereum to breed their digital pets and battle for the purpose of superiority. 

Axie Infinity, despite the similarities to major gaming platforms out there, still has its own badge of unique quality that players will be attracted to. In addition to this, the breeding gene selection process of your digital pets, makes the entire gaming experience even more satisfying as you will see hours of your hard work, creating a final rewarding pet. Using your NFTs, you will be able to trade and select pets based on their rarity and breed qualities. You do however need to purchase some Axies first, before going any further within the game.

Gods Unchained

This game is free to play, however with the foundations of NFTs, you are able to build upon your gaming experience and make the trading game theme heightened with opportunity. While you will have a starting deck, every card battle you go into, you will have an opening for taking your opponents deck for yourself. The higher quality your cards are, the better chances you have of winning, so make sure you emphasise on the strategy that comes to playing this game, as it most certainly does require some skill and strategy.

Nevertheless, the ratings of this game are really unmatched, and for every win you accumulate, you will receive bonus experience points, in addition to additional cards to add to your collection. The aim is to continuously level up, until you reign supreme.


This brings together the same principle of trading cards as the previous game, however to start playing, you will need to purchase a deck of playing cards. In addition to this, you will need to register yourself on Steam, and battle opponents with the hope of securing key components of their deck. 

Some days, you will be lucky and come across rare decks of cards to purchase at cheaper prices, others you will obtain through trades, especially when you have more than one of the same cards on your deck. This game is just as much a strategy as any other, and you have the option of making cryptocurrency from the sales of your rarest cards.

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