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What Tools for Translation You Can Use to Stay Updated On Crypto News

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Mar 24, 2021


    Staying aware of all the latest news and the changes all over the world is one of the most important aspects of success and stability as one is dealing with the global tasks and processes that take place in the digital domain. Since the cryptocurrencies relate to those aspects where the entire world is involved to a certain degree, even the slightest change may become critical for your operations and the mining processes as you track down the dynamics and the turbulence in remote parts of the world that are not yet as active as the western world. It is one of the reasons why using translation tools can help you to stay updated and confident. 

    • Memsource. It is one of the best tools for translation of the news reports and analytics since it can be accessed online or used as a desktop translation tool when you need it. Memsource is quite simple and intuitive to work with even if you do not have any linguistic background. Furthermore, it has a free personal edition version that can handle two files at once, yet you can pay $27 per month and stay with an extensive number of features. Even though it may not be the best option in terms of features and translation methods, it is simple enough for your basic translation needs. 
    • MateCat. What makes this web-based translation tool good is that it can be used free of charge when you need it as a freelancer or an individual using it for analytical purposes. In terms of crypto news, it has a great database of words and expressions that work based on a public database of various translation memory tools. It means that you will understand the volatility and financial markets in the best way possible. You can consider contacting the company’s 24/7 support for your business plan proposals, yet it is not cheap and may not be within everyone’s budget. 
    • Human Translation Option. Of course, while working with a translation app may be fast, free, and more confidential to a certain degree as you translate the crypto news and the reports, it is not always the case because the news headers in most languages will be cryptic and will not really mean what you may think. It can play a bad joke on you in terms of reading crypto news, which is why approaching a human translator may be your best option. Read the top 10 translation companies review to see what kind of services may be provided and request a certificate for any official work and read the confidentiality policies since this aspect is one of the most important when dealing with financial matters. 
    • Google Translate. If you are planning to say that it is not the best tool to handle your crypto news translations, you are very far from the truth because it is safe to use, it can work offline as the mobile app, and may handle over 130 languages with the phrase suggestions for those cases when you want to communicate with the fellow cryptocurrency specialists or ask questions by translating images or documents that you may encounter. It is also good because it does not require any installation and can be used anywhere, which is why it is not something you should avoid! 
    • HelloTalk. If you would like to have more alternatives and would like to talk to the locals somewhere in Nigeria or approach Bitcoin specialists residing not far from the Amazon forests, your safest bet would be installing the HelloTalk app, which is used by millions of people worldwide since it can work by exchanging text, audio, or video calls for the sake of translating things and learning the foreign language. Most importantly, it is free and can work well when you are tracking down your crypto processes without lagging your system too much. If you are looking for speed and keeping things interactive, it is one of the great options today. 
    • OmegaT. While it may not be the most famous solution, it is one of those open-source translation tools, which can be used on any platform. It is easy to set it up even when you are using your hardware for those heavy-load tasks. It is easy to use and has a great layout, which may differ a little bit from the competitors. Yet, it is one of the great tools to stay updated on various foreign-language news since you can change the open code and set it up to keep things updated. For example, you can focus on the African news by keeping your tabs open for the news streams or apply the customization feature of the Twitter updates as one of the options. 

    Why Translation Is Important For The Cryptocurrency Processes?


    Even though the majority of modern cryptocurrencies implement a decentralized approach when sending funds across the borders or when the mining process takes place, there is more to that in reality. One must consider that at least 33% of Nigerians use cryptocurrency in the world’s list of countries, according to the recent survey, which makes it vital to stay updated regarding the local news. Even though Nigeria belongs to one of the most linguistically diverse locations, it has over 500 languages spoken, which means that even though English is spoken, you may also encounter short news blogs and slang terms coming from various African languages. It means that turning to translation apps or a professional translation is the way to go that can set you ahead of the global competition. 


    Elizabeth works as a business advisor all over the world, which helps her to explore the ways to succeed by turning to learning the languages and understanding the local customs. Her posts always contain helpful tips and ideas that are easy to implement in practice. Follow Elizabeth to take your vision to another level and try out new things in your business and life. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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