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StormGain Has a Top Cloud Mining Service!

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    Aug 3, 2021


    Bitcoin cloud mining is coming back into fashion, but it’s free to use StormGain with its Bitcoin miner that’s leading the pack!

    Cloud mining has a bit of a dark reputation, with cowboys taking huge investments from people only to run off into the night. I

    t’s safe to say that years of this abuse have hampered genuine Bitcoin cloud mining efforts and prevented companies from entering the market.

    But StormGain has stepped up to the plate and is offering what could be the best cloud mining service around.

    It’s going to take a lot to fix the cloud mining reputation. Can StormGain manage the task?

    Cloud Mining in 2021?

    In 2021, the Bitcoin cloud mining scene is rather varied, with most cloud miner services operating on a pay to play method.

    This involves a huge amount of trust from the investor as so many scammers have come before and hurt the reputation.

    Many providers have offered cloud mining contracts where they’re illegal, such as in Texas.

    This has hampered efforts from the legitimate players.

    But, with China pulling out of the crypto mining world, free to use cloud miners are coming back into fashion, but it’s a slow and steady climb.

    Cloud mining is still mostly a paid effort, or you have to divert some of your resources, which isn’t optimal since it shortens your device lifespan significantly.

    This makes it free to use crypto mining services in short supply but in hot demand!

    What is StormGain’s Cloud Miner?

    StormGain has recently launched it’s own free-to-use Bitcoin cloud miner, and anyone can use it.

    It works more as a rewards program for using the StormGain crypto trading platform than a traditional cloud mining platform, which lends credibility.

    The more you trade on the platform, the more hash rate StormGain will direct to your account.

    So, rather than paying for packages, you get your power increased as a reward.

    Everyone starts out with the basic hash rate and then people can progress using the trading platform.

    Once you hit 10 USDT worth of mined crypto, you can move it to your StormGain trading account and trade with it.

    You’re free to use the advanced trading signals to capitalize on market movements, interest free leverage trading up to 300x and live 24/7 support to maximize your earning potential.

    All profits you make from trading the Bitcoin that you’ve mined are yours to keep.

    You can opt to withdraw your profits from trading, or you can continue to trade them, boosting your hash rate in the process.

    StormGain aims to keep the process as transparent as possible.


    What are the Advantages of This Cloud Miner?

    Apart from being totally free to use and the fact that you can get up and running in less than 4 minutes, there’s a whole world of perks from using StormGain’s cloud miner service.

    The base hash rate delivers around 0.30 USDT per day, while the top tier works out at more than 330 USDT per day.

    This is passive income and it’s generated at no cost to you. StormGain promises not to use your CPU, GPU, or battery power.

    In fact, StormGain requires no resources from you at all – it fronts the hardware.

    The StormGain cloud mining service doesn’t require you to divert any resources in any shape or form.

    Once you’ve mined enough BTC above the required threshold, you can move it to your trading account where you’re free to trade with it.

    Any profit you make is yours to keep – no questions asked. It truly is one of a kind and it’s leading the cloud mining revolution.

    StormGain Has a Top Cloud Mining Service!

    Cloud Mining is Making a Comeback…

    With China pulling out of the crypto mining game, cloud mining services are making a comeback.

    There are more legitimate cloud mining services popping up all the time, each with its own operating models.

    Some will let you begin mining from your phone in under 4 minutes, while others will charge you a small fee to get up and running.

    Bitcoin was originally mined by everyone, and this new generation of Bitcoin cloud mining is bringing that same spirit, joy, and experience back to the crypto world.

    Everyone should be able to mine Bitcoin, and there should be an option to mine Bitcoin for free.

    Fortunately, a few crypto cloud mining services are pioneering the reintroduction of free cloud mining to the masses and it’s glorious.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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