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Follow These Steps To Make Your Cryptocurrency Marketing Campaign a Success

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Launching a crypto marketing campaign in 2021 may seem to be a straightforward task. You simply run a display ad campaign and wait for the result, right? Well, not necessarily because a marketing campaign without a plan is a marketing campaign in which you plan to fail. It is tweaking your marketing strategy right that can either make or break the results you will get out of it and today we will delve into how to do it! 

    So how do you make your cryptocurrency marketing campaign work? 

    Crypto marketing has always been different to the marketing of conventional products and services. The main reason for this is the fact that there is most of the time money involved, which makes the audience extra careful when approving or signing up for something a cryptocurrency project offers.

    Therefore a successful crypto marketing campaign must be thoughtful and targeted right so that your budget doesn’t go to waste and brings real conversions that will stay and transform into a loyal user base.

    Crypto marketing medium at glance

    After a substantial shift in audience behaviour that took place in 2020, the marketing world had to re-adapt to the new realms, whilst companies had to work out new ways to connect with their audience.

    In short, the public flocked to the online space and it is the online space that had to make up for the lack of personal interactions people got cut out from. As for the companies that operate in the cryptocurrency and blockchain medium, they had to adjust not only their marketing campaigns but the way they interact with their audience in the first place. 

    According to the recently evaluated crypto marketing trends for 2021, industry professionals identify the clarity of purpose, humanification, adaptability, and omnichannel targeting as the main factors that the audience is attracted to. 

    This means that it is these pillars that today become the incremental success factors of crypto marketing and it is following them that will provide the desired outcome of your campaign. Nevertheless, the team behind Bitmedia would like to add an extra spin to this information and mull over additional steps you will have to take to ensure success.

    Steps to crypto marketing success

    1. Know your audience and deliver clarity

    Regardless of what kind of cryptocurrency marketing strategy tools you use, it is important to know who you target and who your clients are. Okay, this doesn’t mean you need to know every trait that your prospective audiences possess, but it helps to know what to aim for. Otherwise you risk to waste your budget on targeting the wrong crowd and not getting any conversions out of it. Finally, be clear with your message because crypto people are smart people and they need clarity.

    Also, you can always consult with our specialist on what audience your campaign should be best aimed for. Over nearly a decade of our existence we have accumulated extensive intelligence on audience behaviour and are ready to share it with you in order to cement your success.

    2. Target right with CPM and CPC

    Chances are that regardless of the strategy, you will still employ some display ads bitcoin marketing, regardless whether you aim for brand awareness or crypto user acquisition. It is where targeting plays a significant and perhaps governing role, being derived from the first point mentioned above of knowing your audience and who to target.

    A good practice in targeting is to start with a wide targeting setup and then narrow it as you progress and get feedback on how well certain target groups perform. Take note that starting wide stands for broad scope in your specific cryptocurrency sub-industry which Bitmedia’s specialist will advise you on and we won’t leave you hanging, shooting campaigns out into space.

    If your goal is to drive exposure to your newly founded blockchain company, opt for CPM first to achieve brand awareness and then shift to CPC to favor conversions. Do keep in mind though, that CPC should only be introduced once you are 100% confident that the product or service your crypto projects offers is finalised. Otherwise, you are risking to lose the users who encounter issues and often, these cases prove to be terminal, to the client’s opinion about your project. 

    BTC price

    3. Testing and cutting in crypto marketing

    When running crypto display ads, make sure you test performance with a variety of assets. In other words, test out different messages that your banners show to see which one draws most attention and finally, better conversions.

    Having just one kind of assets that communicates only one version of your ad text means that you may be missing out on attracting your prospective audiences differently. And that different way may be much better than your primary take. Oh and the good news, is that you can run them simultaneously via Ad Groups.

    Do not be afraid to cut off those marketing tools that do not work, in hopes that their fate changes in your favor. This covers all possible crypto marketing tools and is not limited to display ads only. Perhaps the only exception here is CPM marketing, as its performance takes time to be measured and doesn’t have exact gauges that such a campaign is judged by. 

    4. Retarget the crypto way

    Remarketing is an important part of your online crypto marketing and is known to be 70% effective compared to budget spent, which is a great return. By retargeting you revisit the audience that already has the notion of your brand’s existence and it is this tool that makes sure these audiences return. 

    By retargeting those who have already visited your website with banners that direct them to a successful case study is known to be the 100% way to create effective conversions. We are delighted to add that Bitmedia is the only bitcoin ad network that offers re-marketing as part of its marketing suite. 

    5. Create loyal community, create content

    Ask any successful crypto company what they spend a great deal of effort on and they will all outline community work. It is a subject that deserves a separate article but with the space left, this is what you need to know. Loyalty has become one of the main factors of a marketing campaign success. 

    Nowadays, the public is looking to associate with the brands they choose and once that happens, this same public becomes the greatest marketing tool out there, spreading the word about you, whenever they can. Moreover, given that this information is usually distributed via closed circles, it automatically acquires trust, which is an immense advantage, especially in crypto. 

    Communities are known to be sustained by content publishing. Such content must be user orientated and add value. Spend time on educating and helping your community on the subject of your crypto project and they will thank you by staying loyal and choosing your crypto brand above competition. 

    Cryptocurrency marketing success summarised

    A successful cryptocurrency marketing campaign is dependent on many factors that at times are hard to predict. Still, by utilising all the steps mentioned above you will make sure that you have a solid foundation that the success of your bitcoin marketing will be built on.

    Be mindful when you set up targeting on display ads, re-market to the audience that already knows of your blockchain brand and finally retain them and turn into a loyal client via community updates, helpful attitude and content. 

    As always, Bitmedia’s team of specialists will assist you along every step of your marketing strategy and advise on the tweaks to take in favor of effectiveness, because your success is our success too!

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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