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World’s First DeFi + E-Commerce Platform – Robin DeFi

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    May 28, 2021


    The world of e-commerce and various other online marketplace platforms have gone through a lot of transition. Many have built such platforms and attempted to launch to the public, only to be overwhelmed by the other bigger market players. This can happen even after large expenditures on marketing as customer acquisition and retention is an expensive exercise that may not bear the desired results. 

    Robin DeFi believes that there is a more attractive, efficient and ultimately profitable way for both Merchants and Users to benefit from a successful e-commerce marketplace platform.       

    At Robin DEFI, we are providing an innovative solution that generates liquidity for such platforms without the high associated marketing cost. Leveraging the latest blockchain technologies, we now have the capability to create and drive liquidity to a whole new level. Case-in-point, we have also built SNAP IT!, a unique e-commerce and NFT marketplace platform, that will exemplify the innovative solutions of Robin DEFI in providing liquidity to a platform.

    SNAP IT! platform is an e-commerce / NFT marketplace that is powered by Robin DeFi. It rewards the Merchants and Users using the platform with cash or crypto (like a “red packet”). It involves Users Snapping (purchasing) products that are limited by quantity and time availability.

    This creates hype and excitement among the Users and their friends. A very unique feature of SNAP IT! is that users are rewarded even if they fail to Snap(Purchase) a product. The reward is usually 3%-6% of the product price.  Should users be successful in Snapping, they can then resell the product within the platform for rewards of up to 15% of the price increase.

    Robin DeFi uses a cryptocurrency called ROB Token as its liquidity token. ROB Token has limited quantity and demand utility, allowing it to increase in value as usage increases. 

    Below are the key reward functions within SNAP IT! for Users : 


    Robin DEFI rewards based on “work done” by Users, the more they Snap the more rewards % they earn.

    In addition, Robin DEFI also has a mining protocol that rewards Sellers 5% of product price as “proof of selling” reward. This 5% reward will be given out in equivalent value of ROB Tokens. 

    Many DEFI platforms in the market give an APY% (Yield) to Users but will not necessarily reveal how and what their fund was really used for to earn the APY% Yield. In Robin DEFI, all functions and rewards are transparent. In the event the users choose to Stake in Robin DEFI, there is an automated AI trading bot that help users auto Snap and Sell products to generate the reward yield.

    Each and every action will be recorded and shown in the blockchain. All rewards will also be recorded in the blockchain. In many DEFI platforms in the market, they can be classified as high-risk investments without substantial assets backing their business model. In Robin DEFI, each Snap-action is backed with an actual product or assets. 

    SNAP IT! platform is ready for cross-border trading. Snap IT! platform will focus initially on China cross-border trading with Europe and South East Asia. SNAP IT! platform will also be working with a few big brands’ products to launch initially.

    Join us in our journey to be the world’s first DeFi plus E-Commerce platform!

    About Robin DeFi:

    Robin DEFI’s core expertise is blockchain technology that effectively reduces the cost of customer acquisition in e-commerce and NFT marketplaces. Founded by a group of experienced technology programmers, supported by expertise in financial management as well as expertise from the logistics industry, these 3 pillars form the strong foundation of Robin DeFi.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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