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5 Reasons to Watch OWNR Wallet

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    Nov 6, 2020


    The crypto wallet niche is a crowded and competitive one, with dozens of crypto asset management apps currently available. Most of these offer the same basic functionality, differing primarily in the few select coins and tokens they support. Every now and again, however, a crypto wallet is launched that pushes the boundaries of its definition and expands its functionality beyond what’s expected.

    OWNR Wallet, launched in 2019 by an Estonian team, is one of these notable exceptions. Despite being a relative newcomer to the niche, OWNR has already outstripped most of its direct competitors in security level, ease of use, and the range of services it offers – and the team’s plans for the future are even bigger. Let’s see why OWNR Wallet is worth your attention.

    Secure and easy to use

    OWNR is one of the very few non-custodial wallets with a user-friendly interface. Known as much more secure than their custodial counterparts, non-custodial wallets are typically aimed at pros – with a complex UI that’s difficult to navigate. Meanwhile, OWNR’s simple dashboard is intuitive enough even for complete newcomers to the crypto world, all while maintaining extensive functionality to suit even the most demanding user.

    All your assets in one place, accessible from anywhere

    At the moment, OWNR supports all of the 306K+ ERC-20 tokens, as well as eleven basic coins: BTC, BCH, BCHSV, ETH, ETC, EOS, LTC, ZEC, DASH, Doge, and Omni. In comparison with most crypto wallets – which typically limit the number of coins to around five – this is an astonishing range of assets supported by a single app. Through OWNR, you can store, send, receive, and even purchase multiple cryptos without having to switch apps.

    As a cross-platform wallet, OWNR is accessible from just about any device, offering a mobile app for both iOS and Android and desktop access via Windows, Mac, and Linux. Managing your crypto is made even easier with the asset auto discovery function – and cheaper with SegWit functionality, available for select coins.

    Constantly improving and adding new asset types and functionality

    In the past year, OWNR Wallet has gone through multiple design and UI updates and functionality expansions. Perhaps the biggest milestone was the introduction of full EOS support this summer. EOS support is notoriously difficult to implement, and OWNR is one of the only multi-asset crypto wallets out there with EOS functionality. Despite being on the market for only two years, OWNR Wallet has already managed to do much more with crypto management than most of its more experienced competitors.

    Rapidly expanding to new global markets

    The team behind OWNR Wallet is moving fast in terms of entering new markets, too. By adding full EOS support and accepting UnionPay cards as payment for crypto, OWNR ensured a rise in popularity on the Chinese market – where EOS consistently outperforms Bitcoin, and UnionPay is the primary card scheme. This move came within only a few days of another milestone: the company obtaining an MSB license to sell cryptocurrency in the U.S.

    Part of a larger ecosystem

    Perhaps the single most interesting thing about OWNR Wallet is that as impressive as it is already, it’s just the start of a larger project.

    According to the OWNR team, their ultimate aim is to develop an all-encompassing, multi-asset cryptocurrency ecosystem, including prepaid crypto debit cards, a blockchain explorer, and an integrated system of cryptocurrency exchange.

    Professional traders can look forward to advanced statistics and analytics tools, soon to become part of the platform.  For developers, testnets for most of the basic coins are already available, providing a cost-efficient way of debugging the code. Developers have a lot more to look forward to with OWNR, however, as upcoming functionality will also include big data processing and multifunctional public API, among other features.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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