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ProfitFarmers Review 2020 – A Fully Automated Crypto Trading Tool

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    Jun 11, 2020


    In this review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the newest and most interesting automated crypto trading tools called ProfitFarmers.

    Becoming a crypto trader can truly be lucrative but, spotting valuable trades can be difficult if you don’t know how to use the market indicators properly.

    This is one of the biggest reasons why many people are hesitant to venture into trading. 

    Fortunately, there are now crypto trading tools and platforms that are designed to help beginners get a headstart in the industry. 

    Among them, ProfitFarmers seems to be the most promising one since it looks like it can simplify the trading process.

    What ProfitFarmers Delivers

    ProfitFarmers is an auto-trading application that allows anyone to make money regardless of their trading experience. 

    The company says that their cryptocurrency trading signals and the auto-trade system lets their members make some money with just one click of a button. That sounded pretty cool to us so we were keen to give it a try and find out the truth!

    Our Experience 

    When we first logged in to the software, we were surprised at how clean it looked. The dashboard is user-friendly which makes navigation easy and seamless

    The first thing we needed to do was connect our new account with Binance exchange using API keys. This is a 5-minute job and everything went smoothly. Once that was done we could see our crypto wallet balances in ProfitFarmers and were good to go.

    ProfitFarmers Review

    We immediately saw the trading signals and, for our trial, followed a few trades for a WEEK just to see if they’ll work. 

    Following them was also a very simple process. We clicked on a signal, entered the amount of money we wanted to use for each trade, the system created the order, and then we just left it alone.

    After that, we browsed around the dashboard for a little while and checked out their tutorials (You may want to do this first if you are not so familiar with trading!!). 

    Their guides provided a comprehensive explanation about the platform, how to grow your money and even a mini crash course about cryptocurrency. 

    Since ProfitFarmers promised that the tool can make trades automatically, we decided to leave it and check back in a week to see the results.

    ProfitFarmers Review

    A Week Later

    We checked the account to see the result and we were not disappointed.  While most of the signals hit our target, the biggest win we had was the CELRBTC trade where we made 30.43% profit! 

    We didn’t even have to open the software during that week at all and we still made money!

    There’s no other way to say this, ProfitFarmers outperformed all of our expectations.

    Software Features 

    Trading Signals

    Software Features 

    Before traders decide on which position to take in a trade, they look for specific market indicators then make a decision based on these markers.

    In the case of ProfitFarmers, their expert traders use their knowledge of the market along with a variety of software to find the best opportunities with very high possibilities of making money.

    Once they identify a good trade, they’ll show it to their members through the software’s trading signals. All the members have to do is follow them and the software takes care of the rest.

    Here’s what you’ll find when you click on a signal:

    1. Status

    The status shows you where the signal is in its journey. There are different statuses but the 6 most notable are:

    • Within Entry Zone

    If you see a signal with this status, then it is the right time to follow the signal so you can get the most profits.

    • Leaving Entry Zone 

    You can still follow the signal but you better act fast or you might miss out on the opportunity.

    • Awaiting Target

    You can still follow these signals but you won’t make the maximum profits.

    • Approaching Stop Loss

    At this point, you can still follow the signal because it has a chance of taking a turn and hitting the target but, do keep in mind that a signal with this status carries the risk of triggering the stop-loss at any moment.

    • Target Hit

    If you followed a signal and it reached this status, congratulations! You made some money.  

    However, if you haven’t followed the signal beforehand, then the window of opportunity has already closed.

    • Trade Closed 

    The signal closes when it hits all of the targets or triggers the stop loss and you are no longer able to follow it. 

    1. Entry 

    In crypto trading terms, entry means the price that you buy into a trade. ProfitFarmers will indicate the ideal entry point to execute the trade. 

    That way, your trade will start at this ideal point even while you’re away from the computer.

    1. Target 

    If you’re worried about having to constantly monitor the market to know the best selling prices, then ProfitFarmers can help with that. 

    The signal will show the optimal target price so we don’t have to worry about leaving the trade and letting the software do the work for us. 

    1. Stop-Loss

    Generally speaking, crypto trading can result in big losses if you are not prepared. 

    That is why the stop-loss feature is crucial since it is developed to minimise a trader’s loss. Once a price hits a certain level, the tool automatically sells the coin and closes the trade.

    This is very helpful because we didn’t have to worry about potentially huge losses should the market take a wrong turn and we could not keep an eye on it. 



    Imagine being able to set your trades, leave it alone for a few days, and come back to see if you made some money. Sounds like a dream, right?

    Well, that’s exactly what ProfitFarmers’ auto-trade system allows you to do. 

    Following a signal activates the auto-trade feature, however, you will need to connect your ProfitFarmers account to your Binance account using the API keys. 

    Once you’ve set up your trades and if all goes well, then you should find the relevant amount of money in your account in a few days.

    But what if the prices won’t go the way you expected them to? 

    Well as mentioned before, the stop-loss is triggered and the software instantly sells your coins.

    It’s like a safety net that’ll catch you if your trades start to fall the wrong way.

    Help Videos

    ProfitFarmers has a series of tutorial videos that’ll introduce you to cryptocurrency trading, how to use their signals, and how to convert your profits to fiat.

    Watching these are by no means a requirement but it does help if you want to upgrade your trading skills.


    For €87 a month, you get full access to its features, an unlimited number of signals to follow, and you’re guaranteed zero transaction fees, which means you get to keep whatever the amount you made! 

    The only downside is that there are limited slots available per region. 

    They said that if too many people follow the same signals, not everyone will be able to get in the trade. By limiting the number of slots, the company says it ensures its members get the best quality trades.

    So, if you missed your chance, then you might have to wait a while for another opportunity to get the software.

    Best Feature

    Auto-trade is, by far,  the best feature ProfitFarmers has to offer. The set and forget nature of this system is not something that we often see in the market.

    Simply find a signal you like, set it, leave it alone, and do whatever you want with the rest of your time. Just come back after a few days to see if the trades succeeded.

    In our opinion, this software has the potential to be a major source of passive income regardless of your experience with cryptocurrency or trading in general.

    Throughout the trial, the software didn’t charge us for the transactions. We got to take home the profits! 

    Biggest Con

    Tracking your exact profit and loss isn’t automatic. Although the system can track every signal perfectly, it cannot track what each individual user chooses to do with a signal that they follow. 

    You can customize your trade and of course use different amounts of money so the gains or losses seen on the dashboard won’t be a perfect match with your own. 

    Fortunately there are plenty of calculators available to help you crunch your numbers if you need to. It would be great to see them add a calculation feature of their own to save us even more time.


    ProfitFarmers is a unique opportunity for everyone interested in making money through crypto trading regardless of their background or experience with the market. 

    Our trade successes with the software are definitely attributed to the fact that the platform makes it easy to find valuable trading opportunities and earn profits.

    Without a doubt, ProfitFarmers is an amazing tool that allows anyone to make money passively. 

    If you manage to secure a slot, try it out, and see if you get even better results!

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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