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Guide to Online Gambling with Cryptocurrency

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Jun 15, 2020


    Online gambling has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the world in recent years. There have been a lot of factors that have contributed to this. More people having access to high-speed internet, gambling apps on mobile devices, streaming through gambling sites and game innovations are just some of the factors that have caused this fast growth. 

    However, in recent times there has been a subset of online gambling that has experienced its own fast rise. Crypto gambling. This covers a number of different areas that aren’t quite covered by gambling when using fiat currency.

    There is some area of overlap though, which is what has contributed to the rapid level of growth. Before we cover how crypto gambling has grown recently, we’ll just take a quick look at what you need to know before embarking on crypto gambling.

    How to Buy Crypto

    Buying crypto is much easier than many people would have you believe. It’s actually no different from buying any other currency. All you need is your fiat currency of choice, a currency trader, and a wallet to store your crypto in. 

    Once you have all of these ready you will be able to exchange your fiat currency for your crypto of choice. 

    Where to Buy Crypto

    There are a number of different currency traders on the market. Check through a range of trader reviews in order to learn which offer the best deals to customers. This will then allow you to make your trade safe in the knowledge that you are well covered. 

    It’s also important to point out that some online gambling sites also offer an exchange built into their platform. However, the commission at these sites is quite often a lot higher than using a dedicated trader, so you should make sure you check the terms and conditions before carrying the transaction out.

    What Crypto Gambling has to Offer

    Crypto gambling offers players a number of different features that fiat gambling is unable to offer. Firstly, it gives players the ability to earn extra money without playing any games. If the value of your crypto increases after you have exchanged it, then you will have earned some extra money. This is obviously unrelated to any gambling offers at specific casinos and is totally at the whims of the market. 

    There is also a range of games available called provably fair games. These are games that use the Blockchain to offer proof that the game is played in a fair manner.  It uses seeds and hashes to prove the RTP is at the advertised level. The casinos that offer only provably fair titles tend to have a smaller selection of games than standard online casinos.

    This is because there aren’t as many of these games on the market when compared to traditional casino games. However, there are casinos that offer players the ability to play both provably fair games and the standard selections, these rosters are obviously larger casinos that only offer provably fair games. 

    Some of the promotions use what’s called a crypto fountain to give players access to wagering requirement free bonuses. This is a much more positive method of offering bonuses and can’t be taken advantage of by casinos that use them to behave in a predatory fashion. 

    Security is also a big aspect that crypto casinos cover. Because the Blockchain is generally regarded as unhackable, it means that payments cannot be intercepted by criminals. The anonymous nature of the Blockchain also means that users are much more protected from the possibility of internet fraud.

    There are more and more games being created that allow players to use crypto as a deposit method now. On top of this, there is also crypto-only casinos popping up.

    This means that if you want to play just using crypto and don’t want to use any fiat currency at all, then this option is available to you. Obviously, Bitcoin is the most common crypto that is allowed but there are a number of other cryptos that are accepted by different crypto casinos

    Games that are Offered at Crypto Casinos

    There is basically every kind of casino game available to players at crypto casinos. Video slots, table games, and live dealer games have all created versions of their games that allow players to use crypto.

    Video slots tend to be the most common variety of crypto-friendly games, with a large selection of older games having been converted and new games allowing players to use crypto as a payment method as the standard. 

    There is a good selection of table games offered with crypto support as well. This extends to live casino games, which were amongst the last to start offering crypto-friendly options.

    All of this means that a player who wants to take part in online gambling and use cryptocurrency has plenty of choices and is not limited in terms of what’s on offer. 

    Where to Gamble Online with Crypto

    There’s a fantastic choice of different crypto casinos available to players now. Just a few short years ago it would have taken a long time to find out that offered a good choice of games and was trustworthy.

    This is no longer the issue and players can get access to plenty of games as well as being able to not worry about being treated unfairly. 

    The best way to find a trustworthy and fair crypto casino is to read through a range of different reviews. This will allow you to see which casinos offer both the features and games that you want and can be trusted to behave in a fair manner. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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