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Would New President Change Online Casino Laws In The USA

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Mar 8, 2021


    America has had a long-term relationship with gambling. Despite being home to one of the most developed gambling destinations – Las Vegas, the country itself does not share a major enthusiasm for gambling like the UK. Due to the Prohibition Era and other similar blocks over the years, one would struggle to find a safe spot for gambling in the US.

    However, over the past few years, Gambling has been showing significant growth over both brick and mortar and online casinos. The casinos on Indian reservations were open for gambling outside Atlantic City or Las Vegas in the past. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 had changed the ability to control gambling to that extent. 

    Expansion of Gambling in the US

    The growth of gambling in the USA has shown a successful rise over the years due to the success of betting in other countries. The profit margins that were obtained from regulated gambling platforms were fed back to the local communities, which is an initiative used throughout many lotteries.

    This has given back wealth to the needy, and the revenue generated from this sector could be used to develop the country itself. Addressing the rise of unregulated casinos in the USA is also a cause of concern as these platforms are not safe and deprive the gamers of consumer rights that lie as a top priority in regulated casinos. 

    In states like Utah and Hawaii, gambling is illegal, and they do not prefer changes. Most states are highly interested in tax revenues, which is a major cause of the legalization of online betting platforms in the states. It has been spreading ever since. 

    Land-based casinos are slowly converting themselves to online casinos due to the popularity. For example, the range of free slot games offline has been migrated to amazingly engaging online variants available at numerous top-tier casinos.

    This is mainly because online casinos target the same punters as land-based casinos, and given the circumstances, people prefer logging in on their devices and gamble from home rather than travelling all the way to a land-based casino, losing out on time and energy. More and more states are opting to legalize gambling. In an overall view, Gambling is definitely expanding its wings throughout the world. 

    Trump vs Biden With Reference to Gambling 

    Donald Trump has had a significantly negative effect on online gambling. However, Joe Biden, upon being elected as the new president of the USA, doesn’t seem to have issues with gambling. He could possibly make it more convenient for the online gambling industry to survive in the country. Donald Trump used to encourage casinos in Atlantic City during the initial stages of his presidency, but, later on, it was torn down.

    Gambling is still not a topic that Biden speaks about as of now. However, his method of actions and stances on the rule of law and federal government indicates that he would not like to interfere much in the states’ encouragement towards the expansion of the online gambling bandwagon. 

    Trump had not shown much support towards this industry for several years. Many investors had major profit margins. Thus, if gambling would’ve been legalized during his reign, the cash flow from the traditional brick and mortar casinos would come to a standstill. This was also a reason behind discouraging the growth of online casinos at that time. 

    Joe Biden’s Line of Action Regarding Laws of Online Casinos 

    Laws of Online Casinos in USA

    With an overall evolution, the gambling industry has been flourishing too. Biden has not had plans to be a barrier for the casino industry, which is liberal enough for the industry to survive. It is not advisable to stay in the notion that either candidate would take additional efforts for legalizing Online Gambling at a federal level.

    Restoration of the status quo and bringing federal meddling to an end to leave resolving matters up to the states is beneficial as a whole. Biden has a lot on his plate apart from online gambling at the moment. However, if both the presidents are compared, Donald Trump would prefer to support attempts at the federal interfering factor, whereas Joe Biden would let the states decide upon the issue and would not interfere personally. 

    Wire Act 

    The mention of the Wire Act that was passed in the year 1961 has always been one of the major legislative pieces for the regulation of online gambling in the US. The United States of America Department of Justice tried to apply to all other types of online gambling forms like poker and casinos under Trump’s administration.

    On the other hand, Biden provided more clarity on the subject, stating that he would change the White House’s opinion. He felt that the authorities should cooperate with the states’ individual laws and ensure that gambling was carried out in a safe and healthy form without any corruption.

    Biden is more people-oriented, and he mentioned that imposing unnecessary restrictions on the industry as Trump had is harmful. This reflects his views on online casinos. The federation would not meddle much into this matter and would leave the industry on its own as of now.

    Three states which have completely legalized gambling include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and the list might expand in the future if the government is flexible. West Virginia and Michigan are on their path to legalize gambling soon.

    Letting each state decide its outlook on gambling is the best way to maintain peace and stability within the country. 

    Changes in Gambling Laws After Elections

    After the US presidential elections, there have been significant changes in all aspects ranging from finances or digitalization. The current stance on gambling has mixed opinions. Some states are banning gambling completely, while some are paving the path towards legalizing gambling. 

    The future of the industry is pretty much uncertain yet. There are plenty of things that can not only regulate online casinos but also encourage growth as an industry. The overall attitude has been showing changes and going in favour of the survival of the Casinos. 


    2020 brought about major changes in terms of the gambling laws in the USA. During Trump’s rule, the industry was being dragged down to diminish the entire concept of it. With the emergence of Joe Biden’s presidency, there has been a ray of hope in this situation. The gambling industry is trying to stabilize itself and carry out legal yet promising gambling within the country. The number of punters has been increasing at a decent pace too.

    Online casino operators would be glad to welcome Biden’s presidency. The industry does not need a speed up for the legalization process; it needs to survive first. It is safe if the president has the least involvement in the matter. However, not all operators are considered to be happy. Most of the land-based casinos had a good understanding of Trump and were not too enthusiastic about abutting Biden take over. 

    Even though it is too early to make predictions about the US industry’s growth and legalization, the industry is happy with the change as of now. Land-based casinos might suffer initially, but Biden would surely look after the welfare of his people and make both online and land-based casinos work simultaneously.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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