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Kitsumon Maybe The Next Crypto Gaming Breakthrough

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    In the past year, the crypto gaming space has exploded in popularity, thanks to breakthrough hit games like Axie Infinity. But as popular as it is, it’s still a game with a few fundamental flaws.

    The first is that it has high barriers to entry for new players. For those wishing to play, it’s a prerequisite to purchasing at least three Axies – the in-game creature NFTs – which will cost between $500 and $600.

    And that leads to another problem. The game’s only accessible to those already able or willing to navigate the NFT and crypto markets.

    It’s a situation that highlights both how far crypto gaming has come in a short time as well as how far it has left to go to achieve mainstream success.

    But a new game called Kitsumon could be set to alter the crypto gaming landscape soon.

    It’s being built from the ground up to appeal to a wide cross-section of the gaming community, both inside and outside the crypto world. Here’s the lowdown on the project.

    What is Kitsumon?

    Kitsumon is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in the mold of mainstream hits like Pokemon and DotA. But it diverges from those titles in a major way. It features a unique in-game economy fed by NFT assets.

    Through that economy, it facilitates play-to-earn gameplay mechanics that turn it into a lucrative proposition for players.

    In other words, imagine the aforementioned mainstream games – which already draw millions of devoted players into their orbit – but that gives players a massive financial incentive to play.

    That’s Kitsumon in a nutshell. And unlike crypto games like Axie Infinity, it’s free to play and will soon be available in the major mobile ecosystems and on PC.

    The World of Kitsumon

    The play-to-earn aspect of Kitsumon extends well beyond the swapping of its titular creatures, called Kitsu.

    In fact, almost everything players do in the game yields NFTs they own and can use as they see fit. And there’s no shortage of things to do in the game.

    Players can choose to engage in a variety of professions – or all of them – to master new abilities and create products to support their Kitsu collections.

    For example, they can become farmers to feed their Kitsu and sell food to other players. Or they can learn alchemy to master potion-making, using the resulting consumables to boost their Kitsu’s performance in battle.

    The point is that each player can choose to take their own unique path in the game, which should broaden its appeal to the widest possible audience.

    Players interested in the battle aspect of the game can focus on that. And those who want a Farmville-like experience that earns them real money can do so.

    And those who don’t care much about gaming at all can embrace Kitsumon’s economic aspects, buying and selling game-related NFTs on the open market for a profit.

    The Kitsumon Token Ecosystem

    To support such a broad in-game economy, Kitsumon’s developers are rolling out a publicly available token as well as an in-game currency.

    The token, called $KMC, will power all game-related activities outside of the game. That means players will be able to use it to trade their game-related NFTs or to purchase items in the game’s exclusive shop.

    The token itself is hosted on the MATIC network, which is a decision the developers made to keep all transaction fees to a minimum.

    And that’s critical because the $KMC token is also how players can purchase the primary in-game currency KANDY. The KANDY currency is how players can make in-game purchases of items, powerups, and consumables.

    It’s intended as a way of shielding the in-game market from the volatility of publicly traded tokens. By decoupling in-game purchases from the $KMC token, the developers will be able to keep in-game prices stable.

    And that will prevent any sudden price shocks from derailing gameplay. And it will also help to prevent Kitsumon from morphing into a pay-to-win game like so many others have become before it.

    A New Crypto Gaming Star in the Making

    Although Kitsumon has yet to launch, if it comes anywhere close to delivering on the ambitious goals it has set for itself, it could easily become the breakthrough crossover gaming hit of 2022.

    And its developers are hard at work getting it ready for release. To that end, there’s a token generation event taking place on December 10th, and an upcoming NFT auction the developers are calling an ‘Eggstravaganza’.

    So, it appears that Kitsumon is proceeding full steam ahead toward a wide-scale launch in the coming months. And that’s a big deal for the crypto gaming world at large.

    Based on the information the developers have made public thus far, Kitsumon looks to be a well-thought-out gaming concept that should appeal to players outside the typical crypto gaming community.

    So when it launches, expect to hear the name Kitsumon a whole lot more – because it has all the makings of a massive hit.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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