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How To Earn Money With Cryptocurrencies 2020?

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    To earn money with Immediate Bitcoin, there is no effortless method. But useful and quality work can still earn you money in cryptocurrencies!

    Buy low, sell high low:

    The most obvious way to make money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is investment or guesswork. Buy low then sell high. The trading short-term e.g. based on technical analysis adds nothing to the project in question (this being written without moral judgment on practice). Long-term investment requires greater involvement in the project.
    The idea is to find cryptocurrencies whose value on the exchange markets will rise sharply in the future and this requires further study. This study requires time and an understanding of the technical and economic principles of a project of this type. These investors bring their skills to the market by raising the price of the most important projects.

    Fund development:

    In order to gain the confidence of potential users, developers are required to make the source code of the project public. The code can possibly not be published at the beginning then placed under a license that does not approve the change to bring a little protection to the creator. This need for transparency means that developers are faced with the big question of open source: “How to make money by freely publishing your software?” The responses developed over the years are for example
    Take advantage of the notoriety acquired to improve your salary,
    Sell support by being in the best position to know the project in detail,
    Sell services such as the development of specific functions,
    Receive donations or scholarships
    These approaches remain valid but are increase by others in the case of a cryptocurrency since the “coins” generated by the system will have value if they find buyers.

    Acquire coins from the start:

    The creators are of course the best placed to believe in their project when the value of the pieces is small. They can, therefore, take advantage of it to build up to it and hope that their past and future work will increase its value. This does not only apply to developers but to all stakeholders who can move the project forward.
    This growth can be done in particular by mining. In the so-called Proof-of-Work systems, mining is always easier at first and then the difficulty increases with the overall computing power allocated to this task. Like an instamining if a large number of coins are generated from the start and allocated to the members of the project. This can be seen positively by future investors as it ensures that the developers have a motivation to make the project succeed. If this distribution is uneven, this will harm the future balance of money on the markets because prices can then be manipulated by those who have a major share of the tokens.

    Donations to grow the project

    Individuals and businesses can make donations to help projects that are useful to them, so investors may find it beneficial to finance work in the hope of reaping the benefits later. This can be done in the form of a crowdfunding campaign.

    ICO (Initial Coin Offering):

    If it is difficult to charge the software once the source code is public, you can deduce that the right time is just before. The practice of generating before a certain quantity of coins to sell them for a fixed period of time is called ICO on the stock market for more conventional stocks. This approach remains subject to debate but has been much better accepted recently. It has the advantage of allowing the project to acquire the capital aiming to finance a sufficiently large and qualified team to start before competitors with a similar concept. ICOs can be limited or unlimited, that is to say, that the number of parts generated is known in advance, or not. The price may also vary over time.

    Fund service:

    Dash uses a particular architecture based on what they have called Masternodes (literally “Master nodes”). While the participants in a cryptocurrency network are generally the same, these Master nodes perform special functions such as transaction anonymization and an authority system. They must, therefore, be permanently online and run on high-performance servers. This results in a cost that is offset by a payment when a miner finds a block. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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