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How Similar Are Poker and Cricket?


People in India admire the game of Cricket tremendously. The “gentleman’s game” is omnipresent- from books to movies to TV shows and online games. It would be unfair to compare the popularity of Poker and Cricket in India. However, in the recent past, online Poker has received unprecedented appreciation and acceptance in India. The real money Poker games are rapidly gaining popularity among the masses. This is due to the unlimited opportunities they offer the players with respect to expanding their mental skills and making profits.


Let’s find out how Poker and Cricket are similar to each other.

Skill and class

Poker or Cricket, both are games denoting skill and class. The common saying in Cricket -“form is temporary, but class is permanent ” – goes with Poker as well. Expertise comes with learning and experience. To be a successful player, one needs to be well versed with the basic rules, regulations, strategies, and tactics of the game. Players of both these games have the freedom to develop their own style of playing. They can innovate their game plan themselves and create a strategy of their own.

Dedication and stamina

Both games demand a player to have the stamina, both mental as well as physical. The player needs to have the right level of fitness to withhold hours of engagement at the table/ground. Without dedication and stamina, the player can easily lose concentration and start making irrational decisions that will ultimately make him lose the game.

Consistency is the name of the game

This is perhaps the most obvious trait that both cricketers, as well as Poker players, should possess. Consistency builds the character of a player. When we say consistency, it denotes several factors. A Poker player has to be consistent in his style, capable of managing emotions, and eager to acquire new skills. People only get fascinated with the big reward and prize money; however, only a professional Poker player can tell you what it takes to become a champion.


Every game is built on a set of rules. A true sportsman always follows the core principles of the game. Cricket players are a role model to a lot of people, on and off the field, because of their ethical code of conduct. Bluffing is an integral part of Poker games. However, bluffing tricks should not be mistaken for cheating. A good Poker player never gets involved in any type of malicious activity or unfair gameplay.

Training and learning

Cricketers put themselves on a very rigorous regime of practice and training. For that, they train under a coach. Similarly, anyone aspiring to become a successful poker player needs to learn the basics as well as the advanced concepts of the game. There are countless blogs, articles, discussion forums, and video tutorials available to help you grasp the essence of how to play Poker. Online platforms such as Adda52 host freeroll games that you can join to sharpen your skills without shelling a rupee from your pockets.

People who love Cricket will definitely enjoy playing Poker – the ultimate game of skills and strategy. So what are you waiting for? Join the online tables to immerse yourself into the fascinating world of Poker games NOW!

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