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FOTA- Fight Of The Ages , A Crypto Game With AR Tech

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    In 2021, the NFTs all but took over the crypto world. They’ve become so commonplace that they’re now even a staple in mainstream pop culture.

    But for all of the heat around the NFT phenomenon, not many people can tell you what use cases they have beyond the digital art sphere.

    But that’s beginning to change with the emergence of a new trend in crypto development: GameFi. That term refers to a raft of new games that blend crypto-powered game economics with immersive gameplay and NFT-based asset ownership.

    Development in the GameFi space exploded in the latter half of 2021, touching off a race for market dominance.

    Much like the crypto booms that have come before, however, plenty of the contenders in GameFi are long on style and short on substance.

    But there’s one new game project that looks like it’s going to buck that trend. It’s called Fight Of The Ages, and it differs from the pack in a variety of ways. Here’s what they are.

    An Immersive Game World Like No Other

    Although there’s plenty to like about what Fight Of The Ages plans to offer gamers, we’d be burying the lede by not pointing out one thing about it that makes it unique.

    And that’s the fact that its developers are building a game world that integrates Microsoft Mesh technology.

    That makes it clear that the long-term goal of Fight Of The Ages is to become a mixed reality game – making it into a true immersive metaverse experience.

    The reason that’s significant isn’t that other crypto games aren’t talking about exploring things like VR and AR, it’s that Fight Of The Ages is the only one building the technology into the DNA of its game.

    And to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience, the game itself is cross-platform compatible.

    That means that mobile users, PC users, Mac users, and everyone in between will be able to participate in the game. And the game itself is impressive, too.

    A AAA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

    Besides being technologically advanced, Fight Of The Ages also has all the makings of a great game. It includes several modes of gameplay to suit a variety of different playstyles. That includes a campaign mode that will help players to explore the game’s three main worlds, The Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare.

    Within those worlds, players will progress through 30 complete gaming levels that include quest-driven gameplay and the possibility of rewards. And to add to the fun, the developers will launch monthly warrior quests and periodic seasonal quests to keep the gameplay fresh and rewarding. And the campaign mode is not all the game has to offer.

    Its centerpiece is a player-versus-player battle arena that leverages a battle-matching algorithm to keep battles between evenly-matched foes. Winning in the battle arena grants players experience points and rewards them with the platform’s currency, FOTA tokens. And when they tire of one-on-one battles, they can even take part in a team duel mode where they can challenge other players directly.

    Rewarding Game Economics

    And as if the augmented reality and challenging gameplay weren’t enough, Fight Of The Ages has another interesting innovation up its sleeve.

    It allows for in-game asset ownership through NFTs. In itself, that’s not new – and is what most GameFi projects are basing their games on. But Fight Of The Ages does things differently than most.

    For starters, it includes its own marketplace where players can buy and sell heroes, items, land, and skins. But that’s not all. Owners of those items also can rent them out to other players, offering yet another way for them to profit from their gameplay.

    That’s an innovation that should give players even more incentive to join Fight Of The Ages – if the game itself and its AR DNA aren’t enough.

    An Alpha Launch Incoming

    There’s something else that sets Fight Of The Ages apart from most of its competitors, too. It’s the fact that it’s already nearing an alpha launch on multiple platforms. Its developers expect to have a test version ready as soon as February 2022 for iOS, Android, and PC.

    That means interested players will soon get their first look at this unique and impressive game concept.

    And from there, the developers plan to stick to a quick release schedule, with the completion of the Microsoft Mesh integration scheduled for the second quarter.

    If they keep to that schedule, it means they’ll be launching a real immersive metaverse gaming concept no later than six months from now.

    It’s an ambitious plan, to be sure. But given the fact that Fight Of The Ages looks like one of the only GameFi projects to have thought out its metaverse plans so early on, there’s no reason to doubt they’ll pull it off.

    Doing so would make their game one to watch in what’s an otherwise competitive space.

    And you have to ask yourself – if you could play an AR-enabled crypto game with engaging and economically-rewarding gameplay, why would you bother wasting your time playing anything else? We anxiously await the answer to that question, ourselves.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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