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Cryptocurrency In Sports Is The Future

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Though relatively new to the market, cryptocurrency has already begun making significant impacts in the sports industry.

    Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies that can be spent globally on various products and services, with no geographic limitations.

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are becoming synonymous with decentralized networks. Such technological inventions have the potential to go beyond the realms of digital payments and investment vehicles while creating a global economy where value exchange is safer, more transparent, efficient, and seamless. 

    For a long time, the sports industry has been a little slow to adapt to emerging technology. But as with anything else, new technology is always better for fans, and the sports industry realizes that this new technology is going to make their business more profitable.

    A parallel reality is creating and sustaining a traffic jam in and around the sports industry. Cryptocurrency in sports is the future because it allows both clubs and fans to engage digitally.

    Even apart from sports that are mostly played in the field, a huge part of the online gaming industry has adopted blockchain technology for safer, better, and faster transactions.

    For example, monetary transactions in online casinos are carried by cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is used in every casino game such as baccarat, roulette, poker, big six-wheel, blackjack, etc.

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    Social media, digital content, and the increasing importance of data in the sports business have revolutionized and are revolutionizing the engagement of fans with clubs, athletes, and leagues.

    Fans want to interact digitally because it provides an opportunity for them to be closer to their team. Moreover, because fans are now individually important to teams, they are favored with enhanced ticketing offers, merchandise deals, sponsor-driven offers, VIP access opportunities, etc.

    Sponsorships and Partnerships

    Now, one may ask, why should sponsors focus on cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have proven themselves viable and viable, by fast becoming a mainstream payment method due to their decentralized nature.

    But what about how it can be used on a day-to-day basis? The adoption of cryptocurrencies will lead to an increase in the audience’s awareness of these coins, at a time when cryptocurrencies are increasingly being discussed in the media.

    Blockchain sponsorships on the biggest sports platforms is an invaluable opportunity for new adopters to experience blockchain on a very public scale, while also giving companies the opportunity to reach new audiences on a massive scale.

    This interest will also attract new investors who convert earned income into cryptocurrency purchases through services.

    • In 2014, the sponsorship deal between BitPay and ESPN set a milestone in the unprecedented rise of Bitcoin.
    • As Arsenal’s exclusively official Blockchain partner, CashBet was signed a crypto-sponsorship by the club.
    • Litecoin became UFC 232’s official cryptocurrency partner in 2018. It also sponsored the Light Heavyweight title fight that took place between Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones.

    Use of Cryptocurrency and Other Blockchain Technologies in Sports

    The sports industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and has seen tremendous growth and the creation of new and exciting technologies and opportunities.

    The recent hype and coverage of cryptocurrency have introduced this emerging technology to the sporting environment, allowing clubs and fans to engage with digital currencies in a variety of ways, including ticketing, merchandise, salaries, transfer fees, and fan experiences.

    Just as traditional sports teams attract sponsors and business interests, franchises and clubs now accept cryptocurrency.

    It’s unlikely that crypto will be accepted as legal tender in the near future, but as it grows in popularity, it may not be long before you can trade your favorite team’s merchandise for crypto.

    As this marketplace expands, so too, will the number of cryptocurrencies used to make purchases.

    Tokens and Crypto-assets

    No more do fans need to worry about where they will be sitting or which TV they will be watching their team on. No longer will the loyalties of a fan be divided because of cable conflicts.

    Fanship is paramount. With the creation of the FAN Token, fans can now galvanize toward their team, earn tokens from their loyalty and directly purchase products from e-commerce vendors.

    With the advent of fan engagement tokens, one of the most compelling innovations has developed at the crossroad between sports and blockchain technology. 

    A fan engagement token is fully fungible and is digitally utilized. It allows the fans access to influence certain decisions made by the sports team they support.

    These tokens are equivalent to membership cards and allow fans to participate in and vote on club matters and initiatives and give them access to exclusive content and rewards.


    With the global economy in shambles, cryptocurrency is here to rescue. Industries all over the world are witnessing the benefits of cryptocurrency, and they are following their counterparts in sports by implementing it in their businesses.

    The future of the sports industry is moving at a fast and furious pace and many organizations and federations are trying their best to win it.

    Sports and cryptocurrencies are fast becoming intertwined, and we believe it will bring about a new era of fan engagement, product utilization, and relationships between those utilizing sports as a platform.

    Cryptocurrency is reshaping sports. And with the blockchain revolution spreading across the world, different industries are adopting the technology. Sports are about to change for good.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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