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How Cryptocurrencies Have Stayed Relevant

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Dec 20, 2021


    Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrencies have managed to stay relevant all this time? Perhaps you have been curious about the staying power manifested by these digital assets for a long time. And they are not likely to slow down in showing their relevance, especially to individual and corporate stakeholders. Learn how they were able to do so with these ideas.

    Continuous innovation

    There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies thrived in innovation. It was a novelty that has transformed Bitcoin from a mere medium of exchange to an investment unit. That was made possible by the vulnerability of prices. And this can be ascribed to the unregulated nature of the first crypto coin and the rest that followed. The prices are solely determined by market behaviour that the invisible hand was not kept tied at any point in time.  As a result, prices would go up and down depending on market dynamics, which is not bad for speculating investors waiting for the right time to buy and sell on Bitcoin Loophole.

    From Bitcoin, several other innovative crypto players entered into the picture. The competition has dragged in more innovative concepts that later benefitted the crypto market. Until now, crypto players have been actively improving their systems through upgrades such as Bitcoin’s Taproot, Ethereum’s London Hard Fork, and Cardano’s Roadmap. All these latest developments are expected to challenge other cryptocurrencies to continuously strive for innovation.  

    Perhaps it is worthy to note that Ethereum has been soliciting innovative ideas from its stakeholders. It has opened its doors to concepts that may help its research and development team. This way, it can also tap minds outside its fence.

    Crypto alternatives

    What is interesting about cryptocurrencies is their ability to evolve. Perhaps you have noticed that the characteristics of crypto coins have gone far from the traditional functions laid down by Bitcoin. There are several variants of crypto assets available in the market. It is for this reason that investors can make the most of all available options in their crypto portfolio. Diversification has never been this easy and convenient.

    For investors who are always preoccupied with the possibility of incurring losses due to unforeseen circumstances, they can opt for cryptocurrencies covered by insurance policies. This variant may be expensive, considering the premiums you will have to pay. Nonetheless, it might be enough to give you a sound sleep at night. And if you would like to secure a guarantee for your crypto coins, you can always go for crypto tokens backed by tangible assets like precious metals.

    There are also some other interesting crypto alternatives. You might have heard of crypto tokens obtained from gaming that you can trade online, too. Some cryptocurrencies are also created to serve as collateral for loans. Yes, you can now use your coins as a pledge in case you have no other assets left for the mortgage.

    Manageable risks

    While risks are inherent in the crypto environment, you should always take note that risks can be managed. All it takes is the right approach to managing your crypto portfolio. Spreading your capital in several crypto products would be prudent to avoid a concentration of losses. At least you will also be able to spread the risks across your crypto portfolio. You may also want to consider maintaining more than one crypto exchange.

    What makes cryptocurrencies risky is the speculative character of prices. There is no guarantee that your coins will be valued twice as much tomorrow. Although you are free to rely on forecasts by experts, you should always keep in mind that you can secure no assurance from the price prediction. It is for this reason that you have to be careful in making your crypto investment decisions.

    It is highly recommended for investors to learn the tricks of the trade. You will have to get acquainted with the available analytical tools at your disposal. Crypto exchanges would provide you with line graphs showing price history over a week, a month and a year. Feel free to use all of these in assessing what you are about to do next.  

    Income opportunities

    Of course, people were drawn into crypto trading due to potential income opportunities. Cryptocurrencies have been among the most profitable investment units sought after by individual and corporate investors. There is a growing trend in the increase of capital spent by institutional investors on crypto trading. It appears that they would like to get more slices of the pie. That explains why they would like to double or triple the amount in their crypto wallets.

    By all means, you can maximize your income opportunities. All it takes is to know the right timing in making a move. Whether you intend to buy, sell or hold, will depend on the current buying and selling prices. The trick is to buy when prices are low and to sell when the prices are high. When prices are hardly moving, you would be better off holding on to your coins.  

    Managing your finances well would be useful in keeping your crypto capital intact. As much as possible, you should control yourself from selling your coins when the prices are not agreeable with your decision. You may want to tap your bank account instead of your crypto wallet for urgent expenses.

    Social implication

    The idea behind the development of cryptocurrency, at least for Bitcoin, has been noble. The first crypto coin was developed to promote financial inclusivity. After the recession, it was introduced as an alternative to financial products offered by banks.  It seeks to create an informal electronic economy, which later became focused on trading non-financial virtual investment units.

    Crypto coins, more than anything else, have been developed for the average person. Nonetheless, it has expanded its market base, catering to almost all classes of society. It is not surprising why even business tycoons and multinational corporations are also participating as investors in the crypto market. They would also like to get a share of the promising gains which can be speculative but can nonetheless be real.


    It is through all these that cryptocurrencies have stayed relevant all through the years. From innovation to the expansion of the crypto portfolio, rest assured that crypto coins are going to stay for good with income opportunities subject to diversified risks. And you should always remember never to ignore those risks.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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