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CoinsLoot- The Decentralized Playground for Crypto-Lovers

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    The cryptocurrency industry has always been a field where strategies are considered the keys to becoming an investor. But CoinsLoot appends one more skill to be a successful investor!!

    You quite possibly can be the owner of a Limited Edition Brand New Tesla Model X!! The dApp also offers other benefits to investors, such as subscription coupons, clothing, etc.

    Wondering what could the skill possibly be? Gaming!! Yes!! If you were one of those people who wanted a flash of creativity, CoinsLoot has done it for you in their offering!! 

    CoinsLoot is a dApp or a Decentralized application that runs on a decentralized database such as Blockchain. It is hosted on a peer-to-peer platform to bring in transparency. It is the first of its kind platform offering Loot box in exchange for ERC-20 tokens. 

    If you are a gamer and a crypto-enthusiast, this might just be the right coin offering you might want to invest in. You can register and invest in CoinsLoot using the IEO hosted by Coincasso. The IEO will be active from 29-October, 2020 to 30-April, 2021. USDT tokens help to deposit funds and open the loot boxes.

    What are Loot boxes?

    Loot Boxes are used primarily in the online gaming industry to offer various gadgets and avatar skins for in-game characters. But unlike them, CoinsLoot offers valuable assets such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other DeFi tokens. 

    The Algorithm used to play these games is designed to award the loot boxes proportional to the USDT deposited. The users get assured of no-loss spins and 10% free cryptocurrency by using the platform. 

    You can also get gadgets, and there is also a chance to own a Tesla Model X. In-case you do not like what you have received, you will get another go to spin. The platform plans to include gaming consoles and other real-life products in their offerings as they grow.

    You can earn by playing games!! 

    Loot Tokens

    Loot Tokens are ERC-20 tokens offered by platforms that are instrumental in running the platform-specific operations. They act as fuel to the day to day operations, allowing chances of earning by staking the Loot Tokens. 

    You can purchase the Loot Tokens on the IEO and ICO listings. After the sales get completed, the tokens will be purchasable from the Cryptocurrency Exchanges. 

    The total supply of CoinsLoot ERC-20 token is 100 million. The token supplies are as follows: 70 million allocated to the IEO sales, 15 million for the team and founders, 10 million for influencers & advisors 5 million for the bounty and airdrop. Any users who refer others will get a 10% commission from referrals.

    The IEO held exclusively on the CoinCasso Exchange. A total of 12 million LOOT is available for only $0.10 per token. The stages of IEO followed the below figures.

    • Stage 1 – 02/12/20 – 11/12/20 – 11,000,000 LOOT at $0.06
    • Stage 2 – 14/12/20 – 23/12/20 – 12,000,000 LOOT at $0.07 
    • Stage 3 – 24/12/20 – 02/01/21 – 13,000,000 LOOT at $0.08
    • Stage 4 – 03/01/21 – 31/01/21 – 14,000,000 LOOT at $0.09 
    • Stage 5 – 01/02/21 – 28/02/21 – 15,000,000 LOOT at $0.10

    The incentives provided to the stakers depends on the number of tokens that get staked, called Quantitative staking, and the other is called Age staking. More the number of tokens and longer the staking periods, more dividends and profits flow your way. 

    Future of CoinsLoot 

    CoinsLoot provides an option to buy loot boxes with different values associated with each Loot box on their dApp platform. Users can also open the mystery boxes where the rewards are random. 

    The CoinsLoot team is working on various products for the consumer. Since it is a decentralized app, you can participate and have a say about the reward offerings over the dApp by staking. 

    CoinsLoot aims to offer more desirable real-world items, along with cryptocurrencies and intend to grow stronger. CoinsLoot’s growth is limitless and will soon reward its users with incredible prizes such as cryptos, iPhones, gaming consoles, Tesla cars, and more!

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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