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Swap, Stake, And Yield Farm With ChilliSwap

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    Sep 22, 2021


    Decentralized exchanges act as traditional banks and ATMs for cryptocurrencies with better security, faster transactions, and cross-border operability.

    In spite of this, current DEX’s have one significant disadvantage that is inconvenient for traders and the community. There are fewer liquidity providers on these DEXs, resulting in a lack of adoption. 

    ChilliSwap aims to enhance the true potential of decentralized exchanges by increasing mass adoption. The team plans to offer more exciting and attractive features to incentivize liquidity providers.

    A genuinely decentralized crypto exchange, ChilliSwap offers secure and direct P2P transactions and eliminates intermediaries. 

    The DEX solves the issue of slow liquidity by utilizing an Automated Market Market (AMM) to incentivize liquidity providers.

    It is a decentralized financial platform that allows users to trade Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum tokens with built-in real-time analytics and fraud detection tools. 

    ChilliSwap’s Expansive Ecosystem

    ChilliSwap is a futuristic Defi platform that helps users swap, trade, stake, and yield cryptocurrencies in a secure and safe environment.

    The platform is powered by its Analytical tool that allows users to verify the legitimacy of their preferred token using Artificial Intelligence.

    ChilliSwap’s ecosystem consists of a comprehensive list of services, including the ability to stake and swap tokens or create Yield Farms.

    Users can swap their preferred token from any other cryptocurrency. ChilliSwap supports swapping tokens from BTC to USDT, ETH to BTC, and so on. 

    ChilliSwap users can stake their tokens to earn interest by adding Uniswap LP or Ether to the staking pool and earn interest annually.

    The minimum staking period, however, is set for one year. In addition, liquidity providers can also create pools to earn a 0.3% fee on every trade proportional to their share of the pool and staked tokens. 

    ChilliSwap’s also offers the ability to sell NFTs on its native NFT marketplace.

    The platform has developed an active and piping-hot community for artists and NFT collectors to trade collectibles, arts, and ideas in a decentralized fashion. 

    Additonal features of Chilliswap

    • ChilliSwap uses AI to audit smart contracts in the maker and ensure optimal functionalities.
    • All smart contracts are verified and categorized to provide accurate search results according to age, liquidity, and trading volume of the tokens with easy integration with third-party resources. 
    • The platform monitors the exchange 24/7 and delivers transaction history and chart candles in real-time.
    • ChilliSwap deploys a state-of-the-art market ticker solution that offers real-time market price movements, including newly listed tokens. 

    It is setting new standards for DEXs by offering an AI-powered solution with mass adoption. To become a part of ChilliSwap’s growing community, visit

    About ChilliSwap

    Developed to provide traders ease of use while trading Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Tokens, ChilliSwap is protected and optimized using a next-gen AI powered analytical tool.

    The analytical tool offers real-time information about the project while filtering fraud in real-time. Some of the benefits offered by ChilliSwap includes, 

    • AI based audit for smart contracts
    • Smart Contract Verification
    • Real-time Fraud Detection
    • Real-time price feed for all tokens

    Apart from these envious advantages, ChilliSwap also has a native token $CHLI with a dynamic tokenomics and a CHILLI NFT Platform to trade and purchase unique and rare NFT collectibles.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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