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The Fastest Blockchain That Will Change Healthcare, Finance & Education

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Mar 13, 2021


    Do you remember how as a child you read sci-fi books or watched the latest movie, which talked about the future and all the great technology that will be invented? Sure, we still don’t use flying cars to go to work or have hologram keyboards that actually work like we wished, but we still made some groundbreaking improvements and innovations that changed our lives forever.

    You’ve got a telecommunication device in your pocket that can tell you everything you need in seconds, it can take high resolution pictures and play music at the same time, and it’s a calculator, flashlight and GPS at once. Automobiles and railway systems are operated by computers. And in recent years the need to carry money with us has reduced with the mass usage of digital currencies.

    One type of digital currency has made a big leap in recent years and is talked everywhere about. Cryptos are slowly becoming the new gold. The earlier you educate yourself on the topic, the better opportunities you will have tomorrow. And something that hasn’t reached the hype of cryptocurrencies is the technology that actually made it all possible – Blockchain. 

    Today we will introduce you to the most complete solution for every problem that was holding other Blockchains before. One Technology that will rule them all, that will set the standard for the future generations and will completely revolutionize the World as we know it today! And the lesson is going to be held by no one other, but one of the key founders of this breakthrough technology!

    We present to you:

    Libonomy generation

    “We do it faster without compromising your security. We do it at the lowest costs, while providing you with dynamic updates. We use the latest AI technology, so we can give you the fairest rewards. Join us in our vision to introduce more transparency, equality and fairness in the world!”

    Meet Therese Johansson.

    She is one of the 3 founders of Libonomy, the true backbone of the future of Blockchain technology, the person that’s responsible for the brand awareness – a true marketing genius.

    therese johansson

    “I’ve always been fascinated by the new innovations and the good that they can provide to society.” – Therese Johansson

    With years of experience as an entrepreneur and managing companies of different sizes, Therese is responsible for the crucial part of making the world aware of what the new generation of technologies can offer. She is the heart of Libonomy and without her expertise in marketing, people wouldn’t know of this great opportunity.

    Hello Therese! Can you tell us more about yourself?

    Good evening! Even though I’m not the most technical person, I’ve always been fascinated by the new innovations and the good that they can provide to society. I strongly value honesty, transparency and fairness, thus spreading knowledge about Blockchain technology has been an absolutely perfect match for me.

    Tell us about your professional life.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years, managing small and very large teams. My focus has always been analytics and marketing. I help to bring awareness to the World of the great opportunities that our time offers.

    How do you explain Blockchain technology to someone who doesn’t know it?

    The concept of Blockchain can be explained on many different levels starting from kids in elementary school and ending with seasoned Blockchain veterans.

    Even though the problems that the technology solves and the technology itself are very complicated, the explanation doesn’t need to be as well. Explained in the simplest way there is, Blockchain is a network of stored information, but instead of saving it all in one place, each participant of the network has a copy of this information, thus making Blockchain secure, fair and trustworthy.

    How do you explain Artificial Intelligence to someone who doesn’t know it?

    For non-technical people perception of artificial intelligence usually comes from movies, but in reality in most cases artificial intelligence and machine learning is used in very narrow environments, meaning that AI is usually used for very specific tasks which for the human brain would be impossible to realize. So don’t worry, we won’t be taken over by robots just yet.

    What happens when Blockchain Meets Artificial Intelligence?

    Blockchain networks are created from a wide variety of nodes all around the world, which introduces many very complex problems. One of the obvious ones is reaching agreement on what information is correct, another one is maximizing the use of computing power and distributing resources correctly to reach best performance. Artificial intelligence enables us to solve these and other otherwise impossible mathematical problems.

    How Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries?

    Both artificial intelligence and Blockchain technologies aren’t presenting conceptually new ideas to the world; the core benefit of these technologies mostly comes from optimizing already realized processes. If we take Libonomy as an example, one of the many things that artificial intelligence enables for us is smart distribution of resources, thus we can reach complete decentralization and tremendous network’s speed. This is one of our biggest advantages that make Libonomy the number one Blockchain.

    When did you have the idea to start Libonomy?

    Before Libonomy, we had a software development company. It was going great and we thought that this is our greatest impact to the technological world until the day we were approached to participate and invest in a Blockchain based project. That completely opened up our eyes for Blockchain technology and we were so fascinated with this idea of decentralization that quite frankly after that there was no going back. The idea of Libonomy was born!

    What drives you today as you develop Libonomy?

    Libonomy can provide many benefits for many industries, but what keeps me going personally is the more abstract idea of what Blockchain, and more specifically Libonomy blockchain, can offer to the world – fair, fast network which doesn’t favor one over another, which provides accountability, fairness and transparency. This is our vision for the whole future of Blockchain.

    What makes Libonomy different from other Blockchains?

    At this stage Blockchain is solving only the needs for a very specific niche. Our goal at Libonomy is to introduce Blockchain technology to the whole World. We believe that we are going to be the driving force for the adoption of Blockchain technology. And these things aren’t just goals anymore; we are armed with the strongest weapon in our arsenal – the technology that will change our lives!

    What is the future of Blockchain technology?

    Blockchain can help to optimize many processes in healthcare and education systems, it can introduce more accountability and transparency for governments, the automation through Blockchain and smart contracts can fasten processes and lessen human errors in the supply chain. The technology is new and there are countless options for adoption, it won’t happen in a day, but in five years’ time we’ll look back and be proud of how much we have done. Join us in our mission!

    If you want further contact with Therese, then make sure to follow her on LinkedIn.

    Let’s thank Therese for her beautiful introduction to Libonomy’s Blockchain and share her vision for a world full of equality, fairness and growth!

    If you want to join our family, be part of the next leading tech company or just want to make the best investment of 2021, make sure to check out the official website at as well!

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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