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Blockchain and Entertainment Industry: What are the advantages?

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    Aug 22, 2021


    Bitcoins and blockchain technology are a new way how we understand money.

    Therefore the primary function of this currency and the technology behind it was to improve the financial sector.

    Still, this beneficial mode of transaction soon started to change other industries as well. 

    This technology is built on the foundation of having a decentralized mode of transaction that acts as a secure ledger.

    This basic foundation is lucrative for thousands of business models, including the entertainment industry. 

    Making the Entertainment Industry a Part of this Era

    The entertainment industry is massive, and it hires millions of individuals all across the globe.

    With new entertainment platforms coming up and fresh talent cropping up from every corner of the world, blockchain technology, along with Bitcoins, can provide a more effective platform that will connect individuals in this highly lucrative but cutthroat industry.

    For far too long, this industry has been relying on age-old methods and has been relatively resistant to change.

    This is primarily in the aspect of creating deals and finding ways to protect intellectual property.

    Therefore this industry needs a severe up-gradation so we can achieve it by adopting blockchain Technology and Bitcoins. 

    If you want to know more about the different kinds of advantages blockchain Technology brings to the table for this industry, then this article is right for you. 

    Top reasons why the entertainment industry is interested in blockchain technology and Bitcoins: 

    • Helps in combating piracy

    One of the biggest reasons blockchain technology is gaining momentum in the entertainment industry is that it helps combat one of the biggest problems in this sector.

    Piracy is a huge issue that people struggle with; it is primarily a massive problem for small artists. With the help of blockchain technology, this problem can be easily solved.

    Both independent artists and companies can take advantage of digital watermarking through blockchain Technology to keep pirates at bay.

    The use of content surveillance that is also available through this technology any channel through which piracy activities are happening online can be traced quickly. 

    • Blockchain technology helps in bringing artists closer to their fans.

    Blockchain technology and Bitcoins help artists worldwide to be closer to their fans as it minimizes any geographical barriers.

    People worldwide can access content from their favorite artists and pay directly to receive content through cryptocurrencies without the need for any middle man.

    For example, purchasing valuable tickets for concerts for gaining access to exclusive content can all be done via Bitcoin Technology.

    Blockchain Technology makes all this happen at a much better rate than Fiat currencies. It is faster and incredibly secure, and you will be able to verify if you are getting actual content from your favorite artist and not any pirated content as every transaction made through blockchain technology is in public hands, which will help you verify it. 

    • Blockchain technology and Bitcoins help in micropayments.

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain help people in the entertainment industry to take advantage of micropayments options.

    Micropayments are essentially the money you pay to purchase single songs or videos from your favorite artist directly.

    Essentially you are not buying an entire album but just paying for the exact content that you require.

    Many news agencies also take advantage of this micropayments option by providing customers to purchase a single news article that they want to read.

    Similarly, small artists can use this method to sell their content. You will sell your content at a meager price, and this model is highly lucrative in this industry.

    Bitcoins and the blockchain technology behind them are revolutionizing how the entertainment industry works.

    If adopted correctly in this vast industry, the tremendous number of people involved in the entertainment industry will significantly benefit. 


    If you are a part of the entertainment industry or just curious about how this relatively novel technology functions, head over to British bitcoin profit.

    This is just one of the many official Bitcoins exchange platforms you will come across. Jump into this amazing world of cryptocurrencies and see all the fantastic advantages it can bring to your life! 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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