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About USD-X

USD-X exchange is a great platform for trading major cryptocurrencies. The company came into effect in December 2016. The company’s motto is to become one of the leading crypto currency exchanges worldwide. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. The company aims to keep the platform free of any manipulation and prevent all sort of illegal conduct.

The security is strong and has strict policies when it comes to compliance. USD-X exchange follows strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. There are three levels of security.

Security levels at USD-X

At First level, the email ID of a user is verified. For the second level of security, a users name, Address and phone number are verified. At the third level of security, various verifications occur such as ID proof, bank account, credit card details and physical address.

If a user doesn’t clear the levels, the company may not allow the trader to transact. If any activity is found suspicious and does not comply with the company norms, the company may suspend the account immediately or permanently.

The company provides immense customer support to its traders through various means. There is a trading desk where a user can post a query and company reverts with a solution or requests for more information.

The query could be regarding trading, transaction fees, acceptable crypto coins, deposits, trading pairs etc. The company aims to provide long-term support to its users by providing adequate solutions. The user can also raise query directly by sending an email to the admin.

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The company thrives to for constant development and innovation. The trading is flat-to crypto i.e. all the crypto currencies are traded against USD. The company also offers API that provides sufficient information about the crypto market from the USD-X database.

Currently, the Public API is available that does not require any sort of authentication. Soon the company shall release another version of API that provides full control over the trade and also the coins.

How to set up a new USD-X account?

In order to set up a new account, log on to Click on the register tab; enter the email ID, username, and password. A verification link is sent to the registered email ID. The user can click on the link to activate the account.

How to set up a new USD-X account?
USD-X market

A user can click on the market tab and select the desired currency for trading. The user can go through the list of recent market trades that occurred. There is also a list of the entire buy and sell orders for the selected currency available. If a user makes any transaction, it would appear in tab “your recent trades”USD-X market.

There are several tools available to give the user insights regarding trading value. A graph shows the currency pricing with respect to timeline. The user can know the 24-hour trading volume, the availability of the currency, bidding trends etc.

trading value in USD X excchange

There are two sections available on the site. In one section, a user can buy the Bitcoins by setting the amount. In another section, a user can also sell Bitcoin

Thus, USD-X is a new but great platform to exchange currency or trade. USD-X provides immense service and resources to its clients such as trading tools, market insights and especially a trading desk for convenience. USD-X has the potential to become one of the most preferred platforms for exchange in near future.

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