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OEX Exchange Review 2019


A cryptocurrency exchange guide should provide information in detail of all the top crypto exchanges out there so that users can choose the best cryptocurrency exchange site for trading. This review of OEX exchange consists of all the necessary information a user needs like general information, Trading, fees, and security.

So lets us look at OEX exchange.

OEX Review

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What is OEX?

OEX is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange which came into existence in September 2017. The platform offers users various altcoins that are not available at other exchanges. OEX is a crypto-to-crypto trading platform and focuses primarily on Chinese markets. Moreover, OEX charges 0.2% fees for creator and taker.

Presently, OEX is ranked 21st and the 24-hr trading volume stands at $282,829,361 at Coinmarketcap. Furthermore, the exchange has a smooth platform and it also offers OTC trade

oex exchange

How to Trade in OEX?


After successful login,  click  ‘Asset’ on the top right corner. It will take you to funds page. Click ‘fund’ at the left side, there choose the currency you wish to deposit. on the currency line, you selected, click ‘deposit’ -> it will display address. Copy the address and now you can send your coins to this address.

okex trade


click  ‘Asset’ on the top right corner. It will take you to funds page. Click ‘fund’ at the left side, there choose the currency you wish to withdraw. click ‘withdraw’ -> enter quantity, amount and submit. But, before you withdraw the coins, you need to have completed verification.


Click ‘Exchange’, choose your desired trading pair on the markets page. Choose the price and quantity you prefer to buy/sell. First, there are coin details, then there is the last price table displayed of the coins. Below this table, there is a chart by Tradingview. Then below chart is market order and limit order for buy/sell.

Another advantage of OEX platform is it offers OTC trading for users, where users can choose the specified currencies they wish to deposit/withdraw.

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OEX Fees and Security


There has been no mention of deposit and withdrawal fees on the exchange platform and we are not able to find authentic data regarding the deposit and withdrawal fees. Therefore, we request you to make your own analysis of the withdrawal and deposit fees at this exchange before depositing/withdrawing any funds there.

The exchange trade fees are 0.20% for both makers and takers, which is slightly lower than other platforms. So for the users who want to pick-up existing orders, this might be an attractive offer.


The exchange offers Real-name authentication, where the user needs to submit Government issued ID or passport. Further, there is Google Authentication,  OEX has maintained verification compulsory for User accounts.

Like most exchanges, the OEX exchange is also vulnerable against hackers. So the Investors are analyzing and checking more before they start investing.

Final Verdict

The website looks good in terms of trade, which offers a lot of altcoins. Security with the first-class team managing the platform. OEX offers investor protection fund and establishing many centers around the globe. However, to obtain information about OEX and its offering is a little difficult. Probably, the non-English version of their site is more helpful.

Overall, OEX is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. If you are looking forward to investment, we urge you to analyze more and check for the best available one.

Recent updates:

The website is not accessible currently. There is no news about it’s closing though.

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