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LiveCoin Exchange Review

If you’re an expert or Just started with Cryptocurrency (or thinking too), finding a good and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform is troublesome. Coinpedia lists out all the standard crypto exchanges in the space and presents a detailed review.  This review is about Livecoin Exchange. Understand Origin, Pros and Cons, Fees, Supported coins and the other authentic details of this cryptocurrency exchange you can rely on.


What is Livecoin Exchange? 

Livecoin is a User-Friendly and Secure centralized Bitcoin and altcoin exchange that offers trading with more than 200 cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies ( USD, EUR and RUB). 

The interface is simple and easy to follow for the newbie’s and loaded with advanced tools for Pro traders. In addition to this, it also provides a secured platform with a cold storage facility for crypto assets.

The exchange was founded in 2013, by Delta e-commerce Ltd, London(Closed in July 2016) and then owned by Red Velvet Investments Ltd, Belize. Here, in Livecoin KYC and verification is not mandatory and so the US investors can trade freely. 

Livecoin Exchange Pros And Cons


  1. Supports more number of crypto assets and fiat currencies.
  2. Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.
  3. The interface is concise, easy to understand for the beginners and loaded with tools for the experienced.
  4. Protection of user accounts that include cold storage.
  5. Offers affiliate or referral program


  1. Weak liquidity for some of the coins
  2. KYC and verification is not mandatory
  3. No mobile apps

Livecoin Fees

Livecoin charges a flat fee starting from 0.02% depending on the 30-day trading volume in USD. The trading volume in between 0 – $100,000 has the fees of 0.18% and the fees shrink to as low as 0.02% with the increase in trading volume to more than $200,000. 

Livecoin does not charge different fees for makers or takers. It follows a flat fee system meaning, equal fees for makers and takers. However, the fees lessen with the increase in the trading volume.

Livecoin deposit methods and fees

Livecoin offers multiple options for fiat deposit like Payeer, Perfect Money,, and Qiwi. Card deposits are not available but you can withdraw to your card if you have a MasterCard or VISA card. 

Deposits done using Capatist and Perfect money are not charged deposit fees.

 Deposit with

  • Payeer  charges 5.5% for USD, 1.5% for RUB and 7% for EUR. 
  • charges 3% for USD, 3.5% for RUB and 5% for EUR. 
  • Qiwi charges 7% for RUB.

Livecoin withdrawal methods and fees

Like the deposit option, Livecoin offers Payeer, Perfect Money,,, Yandex. money, Webmoney and Qiwi for fiat withdrawal. Also, the exchange supports VISA and Mastercard withdrawal too.  

  • Payeer charges 3.5% for EUR, 2.5% for RUR and 2.9% for USD. 
  • PerfectMoney charges 4% for EUR and 2% for USD
  • Capitalist charges 2% for all fiat currencies.
  • charges 2% for USD and 2.5% for EUR
  • Qiwi charges 6.5% 
  • VISA/Mastercard for Russia is charged 7% + 50 RUR, for the USA:- 4% + 6USD and for Europe:- 6%+6 EUR.
  • Yandex money charges 6.5% for RUR
  • Webmoney charges 6% for all currencies

Livecoin bitcoin withdrawal fee

Livecoin charges 0.005BTC for bitcoin withdrawal. The fee is variable for different coins like for Litecoin – 0.02LTC, for Ethereum – 0.01ETH and for Dogecoin 2 DOGE. 

The detailed fee structured can be accessed here.

Livecoin Security setup 

Livecoin claims itself to be a highly secure and user-friendly module. 

The exchange enables the user to activate two-factor authentication. Under 2FA, the users can sync accounts with Google authenticator and secure accounts by getting a 6 digit OTP for every login. 

The OTP will be sent to registered mobile and one cannot enter the account without OTP verification. This feature adds an extra layer of security on the account.

The digital currency on Livecoin is protected by storing them in cold storage. This would protect the currency from any cybercrime and also eliminate the risk of volatility.

The exchange offers public and private API for the developers. With the livecoin API developers can access the Graphs, trading Volume, balances and other necessary data for development of any external software. 

Livecoin Affiliate /  Referral Program

Livecoin provides 10-15% of the inviting share of the first deposit of a referral trader. You can invite friends using the livecoin invite link of your profile and share it to invite your connections. 

Livecoin Exchange Supported Coins

Livecoin supports 200+ cryptocurrencies for trading. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Doge
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
  • Augur
  • Factom
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • DAO
  • Stellar and other Altcoins

Live coin Supported Fiat currencies

Livecoin can be accessed from any part of the world. One can work on it from anywhere but it accepts only the following fiat currencies,

  • The U.S. Dollars
  • European EURO
  • Russian Ruble

How to Register in Livecoin ?

  1. Step 1 :- 

    To create a new account, log on to the official website. Then click  ”open a trade account”. Submit your details including referral code(optional).

  2. Step 2: –

    Verify your email with the verification link sent to the registered email ID with an activation code. Enter the activation code to verify and complete the registration process.
    A 4 digit security PIN is also provided to authenticate the transactions

How to reset my Livecoin password?

General Process applied to recover the Livecoin exchange account password. Once you reset your password, your account activity will be suspended for 48 hours.

Step 1:- On Login Page, Click on the Forgot Password

Step 2:- Enter your registered email-id

Step 3:- Complete captcha

Step 4:- Click on Recover

A reset password link will be sent to your email id. 

How to Deposit funds in Livecoin  ?

Livecoin exchange deposit process:

  1. Step 1:-

    Login to your livecoin account 

  2. Step 2:-

    Click on ‘Balance’ tab to deposit 

  3. Step 3:-

    Choose your currency to deposit and click on ‘Deposit’ 

  4. Step 4:-

    Select a deposit method and enter the amount

  5. Step 5 :

    Make payment from selected and platform, and on success you can see the balance in same wallet immediately.

Livecoin Exchange Withdrawal

Step 1:- Login to your Livecoin account.  

Step 2:- Click on ‘Balance’ tab to withdraw

Step 3:- Click on ‘Withdraw’  against the currency you want to withdraw

Step 4:- Select the withdrawal method and specify the amount and the recipient number which is nothing but the account details.

Step 5:- It will ask for the confirmation. Verify all the details and click on ‘Confirm’.

Step 6:- As you confirm, a verification code is sent to your registered email id. Enter the code and click on confirm.

How to Buy on Livecoin

To buy bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple or other cryptocurrencies on Livecoin exchange, you’ve add funds to your live coin account.

 Livecoin allows the user to buy and sell other altcoins using BTC and therefore the user needs to first have BTC balance in the account. Follow these steps below

Step 1:- Login to your Livecoin account.  

Step 2:- Click on ‘Buy/Sell’

Step 3:- Select the coin you want to buy with BTC.

Step 4:- Enter the amount.

Step 5:- Click on ‘Buy’

How to Sell on Livecoin

Step 1:- Login to your Livecoin account.  

Step 2:- Click on ‘Buy/Sell’

Step 3:- Select the coin you want to sell with BTC.

Step 4:- Enter the amount.

Step 5:- Click on ‘Sell’

Livecoin Trading platform

Livecoin’s trading platform does not offer the features of a multi-asset trading platform. 

Obviously the trading platform is easy and intuitive to use. It is better than that of many other exchanges’ platforms. It includes price charts, an order book, trading history, and a neat instrument list.


Livecoin is a good platform to trade with good features and fees. They offer a good range of crypto assets and deposit methods. It may be suitable for the new traders to experience the trading process and also a good platform for the experienced traders who wish to have a simple and easy trading process.

LiveCoin Exchange Review

Qadir AK

User Interface
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Livecoin is one of the rare exchanges that offer trading altcoins for FIAT currencies, which makes it a valuable market. Very reliable and affordable exchange.



What are the LiveCoin Exchange fees?

The exchange offers a “flat fee model”; it means that takers and makers are charged the same in the exchange. The fees range from 0.02% to 0.18% of the trading amount.

How can I contact the exchange?

LiveCoin exchange has an email support as well as 24/7 chat support.

Do LiveCoin exchange support Futures and Margin trading?

No, as of now, the exchange does not support Margin and Futures trading.

Is Verfication required for all account holders?

Verification is only needed for the users who plan to use bank transfers for placing the deposit. There is no trading limits for unverified accounts.

Livecoin Exchange Review - is it a good exchange?
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Livecoin Exchange Review - is it a good exchange?
The interface of the Livecoin exchange is intuitive and simple. Know what is Livecoin exchange, features, trade, review and how to register an account
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